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5 Reasons Why Surface Could Beat iPad

Recently Microsoft has revealed the technical specifications and pricing of their much awaited tablet viz. Surface RT. Surface is one the biggest bet that Microsoft has played against its rivals – a bet that could mean a lot to Microsoft, if it were to succeed.

After seeing the technical specifications, pricing, features and images of the Surface tablet, I believe that there are strong reasons why Surface could beat iPad. I will try and lay down my arguments in favor of Surface.

Value for price

The first point is budget oriented. We have seen that Surface RT can be obtained in 32 GB & 64 GB flavors, with the cheapest being roughly the same price as Wi-fi only 16 GB model of iPad could have.

Surface RT is expected to be the first choice if the price is concerned. If you’re space junky, Microsoft is already providing a 64 GB MicroSD card.

The built-in goodness

The iPad is great device. Its gone through evolution and not only kept up with the times, but has delivered same experience that is a signature of Apple’s elegance. While you need to buy a case to prop the iPad upright, Microsoft has just provided a kickstand into the Surface – along with a cool optional touch keyboard.

Taking about the built-in goodness, there is a HD display port for connecting projectors and TVs to Surface using a fully functional USB port. Good luck if you could find such stuff in an iPad.

Windows is more user-friendly

A lot of consumers will buy the Windows 8 based device, because of its more tablet-friendly interface. Large icons and a ‘swipey’ interface make it easier for people to use on this hardware. Previous Windows versions were mouse-driven. This Windows version begs for a touch screen. And, it’s more user-friendly than Apple’s iOS. Seriously! It’s a Windows 8 tablet will boost productivity and it has an intuitive interface that begs to be swiped and touched. Apple’s iOS can leave people a little confused. Task switching in iOS is not intuitive.

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Since the past 20 years, the techies have spent more time on Windows and they now how to deal with it in any condition. So Windows is the native plus point of Surface tablets.

MS Office, the biggest plus of Surface

When you buy Surface RT, it comes with in-built Office RT. However it wont be the final version of Office but when the final version will land, Microsoft will let you upgrade to it via updates. This means you are getting the Office suite absolutely free with Surface RT.

If you are a professional or a businessman, Surface would be your choice. iPad may be good for entertainment, but a Surface would be good at play as well as work!

We are already familiar with Microsoft Office and bit with Office 2013 Preview. Many users have tried at least one version and they can use their knowledge with Office RT inside Surface with ease. So it is a definite advantage.

Surface is tough and backed by full Microsoft support

Surface has been constructed from Magnesium and topped off with Corning Gorilla Glass. This thing is so tough that, Steven Sinofsky, Windows Chief, decided to pull wheels on his Surface tablet and take it out for a spin, Skateboard style. He even tweeted the images of same action. So when was the last time you didn’t treat you iPad like a newborn child!?

Secondly, Microsoft’s Support is going to be long-lived. They still support Windows XP. That means that while your (my) iPad 1 is no longer support just two short years after its release, the Windows tablet will likely be supported by Windows 9, Windows 10 and possibly beyond. Think about it.

Assuming there was a Windows XP tablet – if you had purchased it in 2001 (almost 11 years ago to the day), when Windows XP first hit the market, your tablet would still be supported and it’s likely that you could upgrade it to Windows 7 or even Windows 8 with no issues. In fact, it might run better with Windows 8 on it. So, for my $600, I could have a device that’s supported for 10+ years instead of two. That’s an easy decision for me to make.

iPad succeeded because they broke new grounds, were the first, and was backed by Apples legendary marketing skills. Surface could succeed because of the sheer looks, value and features it packs!

What’s your opinion? What about you? Are you going to buy a Windows 8 tablet or opt for a different one? Would your employer’s choice make a difference to you? Talk back and let us know.

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