5 Reasons Why Surface Could Beat iPad


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  2. Sorry, nice try, but can’t really agree with you here. out of 5 reasons you named here, 2 may be true while the rest 3 are very questionable. With the price tag and the confusing name of Windows RT, I don’t think Surface is the one that is going to take over iPad.

    However, as a long time Windows guy who has been waiting for Microsoft to come back with a nice looking device that goes head-to-head with the tablet leaders, I am going to still buy one for myself.

  3. XBOX Music uses a much better audio compression technique than iTunes but even Office 2013 is not fully ported to a touch based tablet. Office 2013 is still a desktop application pretending to have benn Modern-iced. Many places you click on a text box to enter text and the onscreen keyboard doesn’t pop up. In OneNote I have found no smooth ability to move the note paper up and down whilst taking notes with my finger. On the Samsung Series 7 tablet I can use my Penabled Cross Executive stylus to command One Note while hand writing notes but I can’t tell if that device will work with RT or not. Whether it does or not: the iPad works well for note taking without a stylus.

  4. Why does everyone forget the one feature which I think is a huge benefit over the iPad, a true multi-user environment? Now everyone in the family can have their own login, with their apps and preferences

  5. You say ‘could’. ‘Could’ implies possibility; there’s no possibility here. Microsoft will be a serious contender when we see Windows 9 and some stable hardware. As I stated before, Windows 8 OS is the ‘Vista’ and ‘ME’ of the Windows family.

    Just like the first X-Box (how soon we forget), there will be some serious hardware/OS issues for the first iteration; this will again put a blemish on Microsoft products. Maybe the second generation will be better…

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