5 love tips from Google which can save your Relationship

Cosmopolitan talked to Jason Freidenfelds, a Communications Manager for Google, who revealed some of its favorite love life tips & embarrassment reducer features.

google love tips

1. The “Undo Send” Mail Option

Ever hit “Send” too soon on an e-mail? Whether you hadn’t quite perfected your witty, three-line note to your crush or were writing a message to your man’s mom, this option is a total lifesaver. Once enabled, you have about five seconds to click “Undo Send”.

2. The Shared Calendar

We bet you’re a pretty busy chick. And your guy gets busy — or just flaky — too, right? Well, instead of trying to remember his work schedule or expecting him to know which nights you have yoga class, try sharing a calendar on Google. You edit the shared calendar from your own accounts, but you can also set specific events to Private so he can’t see them.

3. The Cell-Phone Reminder

If you’re like most hot-blooded babes out there, you rely on text messaging more than most other forms of communication. So why not use it to remind yourself of upcoming events? This is an option of the calendar feature.

4. Chat Off the Record

You know how Gmail automatically saves your chats? That’s cool and all — unless you’re having a super-steamy session with your man. By chatting “off the record,” not only do you prevent the chat from being saved in your account, but it won’t show up in your guy’s chat record either.

5. Mail Goggles

After a few cocktails, a late-night love note (or pissed-off message) might seem like a good idea. But like many things in life, you might regret it the next morning. By enabling this feature on your Gmail settings, you’re required to answer some simple math problems, like 72 – 31 = ?, before you can proceed with your e-mail message.

For more and how to access these features visit Cosmopolitan.

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