30 More Tips and Tricks for Windows Phone 7 Users!

Over on the XDA Developers Forum I came across a posting Awesome WP7 Tips & Tricks and thought it worthwhile to share and add some more with them:

1. Using the Windows Phone 7 voice controls.
Press and hold the Windows key at the bottom of your screen and you can start talking to your phone. Try saying “Open Calendar”, to see what we mean.

2. Adding apps to the Start screen.
When you are in the long applications list on your phone pressing on an icon and holding brings up a contextual menu that gives you a series of options, one of which is “pin to start”. Press on this option and the app will be shown on the Start screen.

3. Add people to the start page.
While in your contacts book, click on the “pin” icon, and they’ll be added to your Start page so you can speed dial them whenever you need.

4. Moving your tiles around.
Adding a new app or tile to the Start screen will place it right at the bottom. If you want it to be elsewhere, press and hold on the tile in question and then you are free to move it up and down and rearrange your tiles to best suit your needs.

5. Removing apps from the Start screen.
Hold your finger on the tile in question for a couple of seconds and when it highlights press the no pin icon in the top right-hand corner.

6. Uninstalling apps.
In the menu list, press down on the app in question until you get the contextual menu. Select uninstall and you’re done.

7. Rating and reviewing apps.
You really love the new app you’ve downloaded, so much so that you want to rate and review it so everyone else interested knows whether it’s any good or not. With Windows Phone 7 you don’t have to wait until you delete it to rate it, you can rate and review it at any time. Press and hold down on the app in question until that contextual menu appears and then choose “Rate and review”. It will bring up another page allowing you to have your say and give it a rating out of five.

8. How to change the theme.
In the menu list, select Settings, and then Theme. Here you can choose the color of the background and the accent color. Background options are “Black” or “White” while you’ll get nine accent colors to pick from.

9. Swipe to the left.
Windows Phone 7 is built around the idea of panoramic tiles that you swipe to reveal more content off screen. It’s always worth seeing if you can swipe to the left as there might be more stuff waiting to be revealed.

10. What are the dots?
If you see three dots at the bottom of the screen, that’s a menu for more options. In photo playback for example, it will give you the options to delete the image or perform a quick upload.

11. Live in a country without Marketplace Access.
There are several methods to gain access to the Marketplace, the easiest being our very own Marketplace Enabler.

12. Add a cool transparent wallpaper to your Lockscreen.
Create or obtain a transparent wallpaper sized 480×800 in PNG Format and email it to yourself. From your phone open your email and download the attached image. From there you can set your transparent wallpaper as your Lockscreen wallpaper.

13. Change your default Windows Live ID.
The only solution to changing your default Windows Live ID involves resetting your phone back to factory and creating a new Windows Live ID. Using this method you will lose all saved data, purchased apps, settings and anything else you may have saved on your phone.

In your Picture Gallery Hold your finger on the screen and a window will pop up… it says Change Background and “Change it for me” (automatic randomly change). Press change my background and pick your favorite photo/image…. Now it should change in the application and when you go to Home Screen you can also see this image on the Pictures tab.

15. Battery and signal.
Slide down your finger starting from the Top of the screen…It should slide down the battery, signal, Wi-Fi icons etc.!

16. Stop the audio player when you’re busy with something else.
Press the volume button and the audio player will show allowing you to stop, pause etc.

17. Multilanguage Dictionaries
In your Keyboard Settings, select multiple languages. Your keyboard will then display a regional button on the right of the spacebar. Changing keyboard layout will change the dictionary.

18. Pair your phone with your computer and play your music through your pc speaker.
Use your Headset and AV Service to play music through your pc speakers. Just pair your Windows Phone 7 with your PC using Bluetooth and it should easily play.

19. Change your Email Signature on your Windows Phone 7.
Go to Email then Settings select use Email Signature. You can change it from the default Sent from my Windows Phone.

20. Access the Camera when phone is in Sleep Mode or Locked.
Simply hold down the Send Button until it activates.

21. To import Contacts from your Sim Card quickly.
Click on the People Tile, then hold down the People Title Bar above your Contact list and hit Import Sim Contacts.

22. Play all songs in Random Mode.
When you start your Playlist click the Now Playing tile in Zune. You will be presented with three options: Repeat, Favorites and Shuffle. Selecting Shuffle will play songs in random order.

23. Bring up the cursor when you are working with a textbox.
Tap and hold down on the textbox. This will bring up the cursor and allows you to move the cursor where you would like it.

24. Record Phone Conversation.
When on a call, put it on Speakerphone and hold down the Camera Button to record the conversation.

25. Synchronize SkyDrive OneNote Documents.
Go to Live.com and sign-in. At the top of the page click Office. Locate the OneNote document you wish to sync, click More then Properties. From the Properties page email your phone the web URL. Make sure your browser is set to Mobile and not Desktop and open the web URL. Open Office on your Windows Phone 7 and Synchronize.

26. Manually Correct Spelling Errors.
Press and hold down in the Editor and you will see a blue cursor appear. Slide the cursor to the word you wish to correct. Simply edit the word you wish.

27. Turn off Geotagging of Photos.
Go to Settings, Application, Pictures and Camera. There you can toggle Include location (GPS) information in pictures you take, on or off.

28. Search for Keyword from Webpage.
When you are in the browser, click on the three dots then select Find on Page. The word will be highlighted the keyword on the page. Press the Back Button to clear the highlighting.

29. Save your battery by turning off Location.
Go to your Location Settings and slide the toggle to the left to turn it off.

30. Switch to Silent Mode Quickly.
If you need to switch to Silent Mode quickly, just hit the Power Button and it will silence the ringer immediately.

The posting on the XDA Forums.

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If you have anymore useful tips for Windows Phone 7 users, feel free to share them in the comments!

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