3 Must Have Mobile Smart Phone Apps For Air Travelers

If you are a frequent air traveler, you might want to know if your airplane is arriving and departing on time. You might also want to check out the alternatives to a plane if yours is cancelled for some reason. You need not keep on calling on airports to know the information on air travels. There are some mobile apps that help you with your air travels irrespective of where you are.

The article talks about three such applications.


SkyScanner mobile app is available for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android. It helps you search for availability of airplanes and seats across a range of services. You need to enter your keywords and your budget range so that you can see the resulting options. You can also use it to compare air fare across services. As you change the airlines, the different in price is displayed on the screen so you can make a better decision.

The only negative is a complex interface that might be a little confusing for the first time users but once you have figured it out, the mobile app becomes an essential tool that you wonโ€™t delete from the phone.


Unlike SkyScanner that looks up airfare for you, FlightPredictor provides you with information on the possible delays. The mobile app takes into account, different factors, and provides you with time when your airplane will arrive at a particular airport. The information used by FlightPredictor includes the delays and departure time of the flight from previous airports. The mobile app runs on Windows Phone, WebOS and Android.

Bonus with the application is maps of airports. The mobile app comes with preloaded maps of different airports that show everything from gate locations to coffee shops.

Flight Status

Flight Status is available for Windows Phone and provides you information about status of a flight. It shows the arrival and departure timings of the airplane and also includes gate number on the display.

These were three air travel related apps I found useful. If you know of any other, please do share it with us.

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  1. Hantssyd

    Do these all function globally, to your knowledge?

  2. Arun Kumar

    With some exceptions. ๐Ÿ™‚

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