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12 Microsoft Moments For The Year 2012

The year 2012 is just going to end and it has been a successful year for Microsoft. If we look back, Microsoft in 2012, introduced a whole new way of Windows; that is Windows 8. They also introduced many interesting technologies. Here are those 12 Microsoft milestones for the year 2012.

1. Launch of Kinect: In February 2012, Microsoft introduced Kinect for Windows with a new natural user interface beyond gaming, to real-world applications. Kinect was a great success for Microsoft. Kinect has simply introduced a new way of natural gaming which is now a days more popular with gamers.

2. SQL Server 2012 Launched: There was an ever-increasing amount of complex data in the web, in April 2012 Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012, a cloud-ready information platform allowed its customers to solve advance insights across the administrations and rapidly build solutions to spread data across different premises and cloud.

3. Introducing ‘new’ Bing: In the month of May, Bing was introduced with an awesome design and fast interface which helped its users by getting the quick search results and a good Social Search algorithm. The new Bing was a good competitor of Google and can be touted as a great success for Microsoft.

4. First Financial Loss for Microsoft: The Company never faced a loss since it joined the Stock Market in 1986, but in June 2012 Microsoft faced its first loss that valued around $492m.

5. Windows 7 Record Sales: Windows 7 has been the most selling Windows OS till now. It is estimated that around 40 million copies of Windows 7 were sold till 2012. It was a great success.

6. Introducing Surface: In June 2012, Microsoft introduced to the world their whole new way of computing by announcing the release of Surface Family. Surface is the best convertible tablets-laptop till now.

7. Introducing Office 2013: Announced in July, this was the latest version of Office, which was touch supported, keyboard-friendly, and featured Windows 8-style apps, cloud support and social abilities.

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8. Windows Server 2012: The most popular server operating system was now updated and there were many new features that were introduced in the OS. It had proved to the world the Servers can be that simplified.

9. Windows 8 Release: After 3 previews, Windows 8 was finally launched in October 2012 and it has gained acceptance. Features such as Metro Interface, Modern Start Screen and new apps platform has helped this version of Windows to gain success.

10. Windows Phone 8 announced: The whole new smartphones OS Windows phone 8 was introduced with lots of new features such live tiles, Windows 8 platform, new design, etc. It became the most powerful Mobile OS of the 2012 year.

11. Xbox success: Installed on more than 70 million console and connected to more than 40 million users, Xbox has gained a great success and now it is available for different devices such as Windows PC, Windows Phone/Tablet, now Xbox is marked as All in one Entertainment.

12. ‘Halo 4’ Released: Halo 4 for Xbox was finally released in Nov 2012. The game acquired great popularity among Xbox gamers and was hopefully the most played game action game on Xbox. More than 46 Million Copies have been sold worldwide leading to more than 5 billion hours of gameplay by people connected to Xbox LIVE.

These were the 12 Microsoft most important moments for Microsoft in 2012. You can also view a new video by Microsoft on Microsoft Milestones in 2012 here.

Did I miss any?

Thanks Arun Kumar.