IE 10 User Agent String Receives Update From Microsoft – What it means in simple terms


  1. More bloat to an already fat OS. Maybe someday, IE will become a browser that is almost as good as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

  2. I agree with IE stinks – it’s still a slowest and most bloated browser on the market. Candidly, it’s Microsoft junk.

  3. IE9 is way better browser than its previous version…..and IE10 it is much faster than Chrome and way better than any browser out there…..only thing IE lacks is add-ons……for a bloated part, nowadays Chrome is the most bloated browser out there….

  4. @ Ie stinks : IE is now as capable as other competitors. The above said additions will make it more unique in functionality. But I use Firefox 😉

  5. IMHO Feature for feature, IE9 and 10 reside at the bottom of the list. LOL I’m betting for Windows 8, you won’t be able to use IE unless you have a Windows live account 😉

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