Microsoft PowerPoint tips, tricks and how-to’s

What’s common between a business meeting, a motivational presentation or just a simple session? Microsoft PowerPoint. This gem of an application has changed the way through which presentations can be conducted in a seamless manner.

Powerpoint best of 2012

Microsoft PowerPoint tips & tricks

The PowerPoint team tracked the stats and analytics to come up with a list of the top 10 posts in about Microsoft PowerPoint. If PowerPoint is one of your frequently-used program, you would love to read on.

Top ten posts in 2012 about Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. Tips for turning your Excel data into PowerPoint charts
    Ever wish you could get the critical data from your Excel charts into a PowerPoint slide without having to manually add it again? PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein provides a step-by-step guide to make adding an Excel chart to PowerPoint work like magic.
  2. PowerPoint 2013: Presentation is Everything
    The themes in the new PowerPoint give you a fast way to have a professional presentation that also expresses your individual style.
  3. Use PowerPoint slide layouts to make presentations memorable
    Help your audience to follow your presentation and remember your main points by making key slides distinctive.
  4. Free training: Learn to create PowerPoint animations
    Add some visual pizzazz to your presentation by reading these tutorials on how to animate text, charts, shapes, and more.
  5. Make an image within an image stand out
    Bruce Gabrielle, author of Speaking PowerPoint, gives a video demonstration of PowerPoint transitions and artistic effects to make part of an image focus while making another part fade into the background.
  6. Crop around irregular images
    Part 2 of Bruce Gabrielle’s video demo of making an image within an image stand out.
  7. PowerPoint 2013: Eyedropper
    One of the coolest new features in PowerPoint–now you can color-match between presentations and across formats, such as a website or picture.
  8. Guy Kawasaki’s guide on pitching to venture capitalists
    Popular guest blogger Guy Kawasaki teams up with the Office Web Apps team to give you a step-by-step guide to building a business case and a flawless PowerPoint pitch.
  9. Webinar: Better PowerPoint Presentations
    How-tos for presenting in PowerPoint, including using the Notes section, using Presenter’s View, tips for presenting in a conference room, and more.
  10. Webinar: PowerPoint tips
    Learn how to start PowerPoint quickly, organize slides at a glance, work with the outline tab, and more.

The PowerPoint team did a commendable job is compiling these helpful posts under a single list.

These PowerPoint Online tips and tricks will interest you if you are using Office Online’s web app.

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