10 most popular tips, tricks & tutorials about Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office team at Microsoft has compiled a list of the most popular posts on the Office Blog which, actually, is a collection of 14 blogs hosted together.

Best of Office 2012

To find out what tickled viewers’ curiosity, have a look at the top ten Office posts:

  1. Office Next – Office and the Cloud – Learn how the new Office is to the cloud to make productivity possible across various devices.
  2. Outlook Blog – Email stuck in your outbox? Try this.  – Ever think your message is long gone only to discover it’s still in your outbox? Check out this post for some reasons and solutions.
  3. Excel Blog – Using multiple criteria in Excel Lookup formulas – Harness the power of VLOOKUP! Written by JP Pinto, winner of the Great White Shark Award for the best article written during VLOOKUP Week, this post answers some frequently asked questions about how to use several criteria to return a value.
  4. Office Next – Using the new Office with touch – Learn about the new Office touch experience designed for Windows.
  5. Excel Blog – Score! Merge data from multiple worksheets – How do you merge data from lots of worksheets into a main worksheet? Learn more about a new feature called Consolidate.
  6. Office News – Office 365 University for Higher-Education Students – Office 365 is an appealing option for families, people with multiple devices, and small businesses. The announcement of Office 365 University expanded subscriptions offering to university and college students.
  7. Word Blog – Tip: How to cut and paste without messing up formatting – Learn why the Paste Options button is your friend. It simplifies the common task of cutting and pasting by making sure your formatting stays exactly the way you want it.
  8. Outlook Blog – 5 Tips on using Bcc in Outlook Email – Need to keep some email recipients private? This post shows how and why to use Bcc to make sure the right people get the message you intended them to receive.
  9. Office Blogs – Webinar: Preview the new Office – First looks at the new Office, plus information on the Office Customer Preview, versions, and Office subscriptions.
  10. PowerPoint Blog Tips for turning your Excel data into PowerPoint charts – PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein provides best practices for using data in a presentation and a step-by-step guide to transforming Excel data into PowerPoint charts.

Hope you find these links useful.

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