10 best Internet Explorer add ons, extensions & plugins

Internet Explorer 11 is fast & secure and comes with improved features and functionality. There are still many users having IE as their default web browser. But its lack of extensive support for third-party add-ons and extensions have made users flock to the alternative browser. Google Chrome and Firefox has a lot of addons that really enhances their usability. With the use of proper extensions for IE, you can actually make IE more.

Best Internet Explorer add ons & extensions

We have a list of some good Internet Explorer add ons, plugins and  extensions which can give you a better browsing experience on Internet Explorer. These might not be the best extensions but are prolific indeed.

Bing BarBing Bar Bing Bar in a Microsoft add-on and is fully installable on Internet Explorer. The mega-toolbar of Bing Bar brings almost everything that you need for a fast browsing experience with regards to your emails, Facebook chat and Like, weather news, watching videos, Skype, MSN, Bing Trends and much more.

Speckie speckie This is one of the best spell check plugin for IE users. Speckie provides a real time spell checking capability for input fields in Internet Explorer. It shows the errors with a red underline and also suggests the appropriate corrections. It works on almost every website and helps you to correct your spelling mistakes everywhere you type.

The Parental Control Bar parent control The ParentalControl Bar is a free IE extension helpful for the concerned parents prevent their children from accessing adult-oriented Web sites. You just need to complete the simple, three-step installation process, and you can start controlling your family’s online activity.

Advanced IE History Bar advanced IE History bar This is one such application that is not only very popular, but also is very important. This application enables the users to find out the websites they browsed earlier in the past and find them.

Google Previewgoogle preview As the name itself suggests this plugin shows the Google search results of the document highlighted text in a preview window. It gives you a faster browsing experience.

LastPass lastpass There are various things that one need to do all the time and all over again such as passwords, filling up forms etc. This application works on any browser and enables the system to auto fill the form and the password and, at the same time this application is very safe.

Define With WikiPedia define with wikipedia Wikipedia is undoubtedly an encyclopedia of knowledge online. It includes 30 million articles in 287 languages and this IE extension takes you directly to the WikiPedia’s relevant article.

Find With Facebook find on facebook

If you are an avid reader online and wish to find more details about any writer on the web this add-on can help you out. As the name suggests, this add-on allows you to find a person on Facebook directly from the webpage itself.

TheFreeDictionarythefreedictionary The Free Dictionary is one of the most popular and reliable website, and it brings two different extensions for IE users. Translate with TheFreeDictionary helps you translate in 40 different languages and Define with TheFreeDictionary helps you Check the Dictionary, Thesaurus, translations and multiple encyclopedias in one convenient place.

DoNotTrackMedonottrackme Everytime we use the web; companies are watching, collecting and storing our personal information and data along with our web activity. DoNotTrackMe is a useful IE add-on which protects your privacy by blocking the online tracking. It shows you all the companies and trackers tracking your information while you are online. It automatically blocks more than 600 companies from watching what you do online.

To install any of these, simply visit the Internet Explorer Addons Gallery and search for them.

These were some of the best Internet Explorer add-ons. If you have some more useful and helpful IE add-ons and extensions, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Carroll MacDonald

    One of the best things you can do… is download and install Comodo Dragon. I’ve seen Internet Explorer Freeze after Freeze After Freeze… over and over on users computers…. many user computers. Do yourself a favour, install Comodo Dragon, Fire Fox, Google Chrome and use them, you won’ be sorry.

  2. Considering the lack of security, you really should have included WOT and Ghostery.

  3. johnson dell

    For Free Browser Tech Support Contact Us @ 1-800-935-0537


  4. Jay Ram

    AdBlock for IE should be on this list as well.

  5. kio42

    Turn Off the Lights browser extension

  6. Hodor

    Strange,it seems your pc is not properly configured,i use IE without freezes or crashes.

  7. Makayla Oxley

    We have a record of some excellent Online Traveler add ons, plug-ins and additions which can provide you with a better surfing around encounter on Online Traveler. These might not be the best additions but are legendary indeed.


  8. Rocketman

    Advanced IE History Bar doesn’t work on IE11. Plus the website is for sale.

  9. Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

    windows and google are scummy and pathetic. nuff said.

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