Zemana AntiLogger: Free Anti-Keylogger software for Windows 10/8/7

Some of the malware (real financial malware) are well capable of recording every keystroke you make on your computer, posing great threats of keylogger attacks. All the important information – Passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and security codes are all vulnerable to keylogging.  As such, Anti-keylogging tools which have the power to detect and foil attempts to hack into your system find immense use. Help is around the corner with tools like Zemana AntiLogger Free. This free Anti-Keylogger software offers keylogger protection for home users.

Free Anti-Keylogger software

Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger free

Zemana AntiLogger Free is an application that promises to keep its users safe from imminent dangers of keylogging attacks. The application when downloaded and installed, ensures your keyboard is safe for use. How? The Anti-logger encrypts every keystroke of yours and delivers decrypted data directly where you are typing it. Even if the data gets stolen, the information cannot be interpreted.

Thus, the free Anti-Keylogger software ensures the data you have typed or entered reaches only to the concerned authorities and the attackers get nothing more than a shredded document, thereby preventing them prevents attacks from all known forms of malware which are designed to perform information theft.

Zemana AntiLogger requires no signature-based algorithm for the purpose. It uses a proactive and unique way to detect potentially harmful applications which have not already been recognized or identified by anti-virus programs. And don’t worry, the application causes no conflict. It can co-exist with other Anti-virus application installed on your system in harmony.

Moreover, unlike anti-logging tools that work with only one specific application such as your web browser, this free Anti-Keylogger software protects every application on your computer. Zemana AntiLogger Free does not require an Internet connection as the protection it provides does not use a signature-based database.

You need not tweak any settings or configure anything. The interface is simple and very user-friendly. If you need to tweak settings, go to the settings and configure the desired options.

Zemana AntiLogger settings

You can choose to update the program automatically or notify you before downloading them. Likewise, you can configure other settings too. Just install once and forget!

UPDATE: Zemana AntiLogger Free is discontinued. Take a look at Zemana AntiMalware Free instead.

KeyScrambler Personal Free encrypts keystrokes in a browser. Check out KL Detector, if you are are looking for a good Keylogger Detector freeware. SpyShelter Personal Free is another similar freeware you want to check out.

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