Download XLaunchPad for Windows 7 / 8 – Add Shortcuts & Organize Folders

If you are a Windows user but would want to try out certain Mac OS X features, here’s a tip for you. Download XLaunchPad. The program launcher is free for use and like Mac OS X Launchpad, displays program files and folder shortcuts when brought up.

XLaunchPad for Windows

When you download the program and install it, a ‘Launching Rocket’ icon becomes visible on your Desktop/PC screen. Most of the time XLaunchPad runs silently in the background without disturbing you.

XLaunchPad icon

If required, you can bring its layer up front by pressing the F12 key on your keyboard, or by moving the mouse cursor into the upper left corner of your computer screen. By default, you see Documents, Network, Recycle Bin and Control Panel folders. If needed, you can also organize apps into specific folders.

XLaunchpad screen

When you press F12 or move the cursor to the corner of the screen all open windows and programs are hidden. They are not closed or minimized. It’s only when you press the same key again or repeat the action of moving the cursor in the desired corner, the hidden items re-appear in the location they have been.

You can load programs, open files in their default viewer for instance, Word files under ‘Documents’ or folders in Windows Explorer with a left-click. You can even use the same action to manage entries that are displayed in the application launcher’s interface. To add new shortcuts to XLaunchPad simply drag and drop the file in question. The shortcut is created automatically.

XLaunchpad folder displayed

On the other hand, a right-click opens a context menu with options to add files or folders to the interface. You can even choose the name for a folder, as long as it is relevant to you. Any newly added shortcuts are appended at the end of the last listed icon on the screen.

XLaunchPad folder

XLaunchPad supports multiple desktops indicated by dots in the lower center of your Desktop. The application launcher is compatible with both, 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system and can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

During my brief time with the program, I found it to be good use as it tends to render your PC/desktop a more Mac like look and interface, thereby helping you get best of both worlds. In all, a good application – worth trying once.

XWidget from the same developers, may also interest you.

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