Windows 8 Weather App – Features, Settings & Download

Recently Microsoft has started rolling out updates to the Windows 8 built-in apps. Microsoft is adding new features and improving the apps that come with Windows and rolling out updates for these apps before general availability (GA) which will be on 26th Oct.

There are thousands of apps already in the Store before GA and there are thousands of developers creating new apps. The built-in apps that comes with Windows 8 are – SkyDrive, Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging , Photos, Maps, Bing, Finance, News, Sports, Travel, Weather , Video, Music, Games . With the updates, there will be performance and reliability improvements in the apps across the board and apart from that there will be new features added too.

Windows 8 Weather App features

In this post I’ll talk about one of my favorite apps – The Weather app . Here I’ll post about its features, including the new ones.

The roll out of these updates has already begun and will be rolling out till GA. So if you haven’t already installed them, check out if you have received these updates. You will be notified of Windows Store updates with a count of available updates shown on the Store tile.


The app tile is Live and shows the Temperature in real time. It shows the current temperature, weather condition, and High/Low for the day for the location. The Weather App is Powered by Bing.


When you click on the Weather app, you’ll be presented with the current weather details of the location and a beautiful background image as per time of the day/night and weather.Screenshot (79)

And there you can also see the Hourly Forecast. As you scroll further (horizontally) you’ll see different weather maps.

Screenshot (82)

When you click weather map, it shows nice animation of cloud cover conditions, etc.

Screenshot (83)

As you further scroll, it provides Historical weather data for the year.

Screenshot (84)

It provides data for Temperature, Rain, Sunshine, Snow – overall lots of data !

On the bottom right of the Weather screen, you have the Semantic Zoom option


This Semantic Zoom, when clicked will zoom out to provide the categorized options. When clicked will display that option.


If you right-click , you’ll  be provided with Upper and Lower App bar , where you’ll see more options.


On the lower app bar …


… you can change the Units of Temperature between Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Also you have the option to Refresh.

On the Upper App bar, you’ll find …


… Using Places option. You can add many cities…


Clicking on the Add, will provide option to Enter location (btw we didn’t know that there was a New Delhi in Illinois, US too!).


The list of cities displays the changes between High/Low, and the current temperature along with a nice background. And it can be clicked to maximize to find more weather details about that city.


The World Weather provides the weather worldwide at a glance. The map alternates between set of cities. And to get the details, click on the city.

Screenshot (78)

Windows 8 Weather App settings

These were the various features of this beautiful weather app. Now let us check some settings. From the Weather App, invoke the Charms bar.


Various options like clearing weather search History, About Weather App version, Setting permission for App to access your location, allowing the App to show quick status on the Lock Screen can be done from here.


You can send feedback, rate and review the Weather App too, from these Settings.

Overall the Weather App is a very useful app and presents lots of data in a beautiful way. Give it a try, and check if they are accurate for your city or not!

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  1. Na Vid

    Thanks, That was awesome!

  2. Jacky

    thats all really awesome but how you do change the color of the tile from say a blue background to a black one?

  3. wreltch

    i want to scroll through the locations from the weather details display.

  4. Shahabuddin_abro

    How to change Fahrenheit into Celsius in all this Don’t have such option …. Is this the Microsoft’s Project management …. They put some new tweaks and and leave bugs in it since it was windows 123, 95, 97, 98, xp, …. win8 and same things are happening again and again. Microsoft should be prosecuted and the money they have cheated be returned back to the people….These big Corporations sucking the blood of the people……

  5. Vasudev

    Can’t change!

  6. Vasudev

    Please clear your query. If you want to add various locations, please do it as shown above.
    From the Weather home screen, use your Mouse scroll button or the Horizontal scroll to scroll through for more details.

  7. Vasudev

    I hope you are talking of this Weather App provided by Microsoft. In this, from the main weather screen, just right click to have the app bar at top & bottom as shown above. In the bottom bar, you’ll have the option to change from °F to °C

  8. Wreltch

    I will take it by that response that you can not scroll through the locations with out returning to the home screen. That is not what I want to do.

  9. JC Denton

    What happened to weather animations? It’s only still images now.

  10. MawMawof4

    Is there any way to get the Hi and Low for the current day? I like to see how cold it got last night or what the high was.

  11. vasudevG

    Yes , it does show High/low for the day. Its even shown on the Live tile on the Start screen. Turn the Live Tile on & set its size to medium/wide/large. And when you open the app, the high/low are shown for the next 10 days including the current day as shown in the above pics.

  12. Rudy Miller

    My bing weather app is now green, I hate it, can’t find a way to change it. looking for a new app. I like bing but hate the color.,

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