Windows 8 scroll bar hard to see or use? Change Windows 8 Scrollbar width

What happens when a person with fat fingers touches a scroll bar, trying to move it up or down or across. Little success he gets, isn’t it? This has been the problem bothering some people for a long while working on touch-sensitive Windows 8 laptops or tablets. The Scroll bar is a vertical or horizontal bar that appears when scrolling the content. It is visible to the extreme sides of the screen and sometimes at the bottom of the screen. If you find the Windows 8 scroll bar hard to see or to use, you can if you wish, change the Windows 8 Scrollbar width.

Here’s how you can change the scroll bar width in Windows 8.1.

Change Windows 8 Scrollbar Width

Press Win+R in combination to bring up the Run dialog box. In the dialog box that appears, type REGEDIT and hit the OK button. If prompted by UAC, click on Yes.

Windows 8 scroll bar hard to see

Now, in the Windows Registry window that opens navigate to the following location -

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics

Change Windows 8 Scrollbar Width

Select the key and in the right pane of WindowsMetrics, double-click ‘ScrollHeight’ word.

default value

Instantly, a window should appear on your computer screen (EDIT DWORD). In the value data field of the window, enter a data value. The default value for scroll width is the -225. Entering 500 will double the width, which should be fine in my opinion. But you can enter any value up to 1500. You could say, enter 1400 to make it even bigger. Remember, more or higher the value, the wider is the scrollbar.

scroll height

Next, double tap on ScrollWidth in the right pane of WindowMetrics. In EDIT DWORD window, enter the same data value as entered for “ScrollHeight” and tap OK.

scroll width

Now close Windows Registry Editor. For changes to apply, you’ll need to sign out and sign-in, back to your user account. Open File Explorer and you will find that the scroll bar width has been changed.

This should resolve your problem. Now, you can easily move the scroll bar up-down or sideways easily, without much efforts.

Goes without saying – Backup your registry or create a system restore point first!

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  • Aaron

    Is there any way to change to color as well? I dont so much mind the width of it, if there was just more of a contrast i’d be able to see where i’m at and there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • GatoCat

    My Win 8.1 scrollbars disable themselves after a few seconds. For example, in Store when I’m looking at several screens of app listings, I leave my mouse cursor on the scrollbar at bottom so that when I’m ready for the next screen all I need do is click. But I find that doesn’t work and I must move my cursor off the bar, click on the background, and then move back to the bar and click again to scroll a page. Is there a way to disable this?

  • GatoCat

    It’s a bit late for this now, but my guess would be go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktopColors and edit the Scrollbar value on the right pane.

  • RT

    Same problem, no solution? 5 seconds and the bottom vertical is gone.

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