Windows 8 Enterprise Features & Capabilities

People are already buzzing with anticipation about the latest Windows 8 release. And we have been talking about every kind of development being made on Windows 8 since the launch of its developers preview. And no doubt we have already seen some exquisite, redefined and charming features on  . Well, just a couple of days back we have seen the lunch of SKU editions for Enterprise and Emerging markets. In this post I will be highlighting Windows 8 Enterprise Features & Capabilities.

Windows 8 Enterprise

The Enterprise edition will feature all capabilities available on Windows 8 Pro edition. In addition to that it also has premium features designed to provide mobile productivity, security, manageability and virtualization needs of today’s businesses.

Here are the features that are exclusive to Windows 8:

Windows To Go: Allows users to have their Windows 8 operating system on bootable USB stick that in turns allows users to carry their personal Windows 8 PC in corporate and staff meetings. In short Windows 8 now goes with you where ever you go.

DirectAccess: This feature is designed for IT personals and it allows them to access seamlessly access private network without launching a separate VPN. It allows network administrators to keep user’s PC in compliance with the existing IPv4 infrastructure.

Branch Cache: Improves performance by caching frequently used files, websites and resources from the central serves. So the user will no longer have to establish a new request to get repeatedly used files from the server. This on the whole reduces the bandwidth consumption over the network.

AppLocker:  It is a filter kind of application that restricts the files and apps that users or groups are allowed to run.

VDI enhancements: Enhancements in Microsoft RemoteFX and Windows Server 2012, provide users with a rich desktop experience with the ability to play 3D graphics.

Apart from these rich feature applications, there is huge refreshment to the fundamentals, including end-to-end security and better manageability. The list below shows the improvements in Software Assurance segment of Windows 8. Software Assurance enables the portability of apps and software over multiple devices so that the corporate business personals can benefit at large. It allows them to carry along the applications on the whole that in turns creates flexible working styles.

Here is the list of privileges for Software Assurance customers when Windows 8 becomes generally available.

Windows To Go Use Rights: As said earlier Windows 8 will allow users Windows To Go use rights under Software Assurance, an employee will be able to use Windows To Go on any company PC licensed with Windows SA as well as from their home PC.

Windows RT Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) Rights:  These rights will provide access to a full VDI image running in the datacenter which will make Windows RT a great complementary tablet option for business customers. VDA provides seamless, reliable, anytime access to their applications and data on a growing set of devices such as laptops, mobile devices, and home PCs. In addressing these user demands.

Companion Device License:  provide rights to access a corporate desktop either through VDI or Windows To Go on up to four personally owned devices. These again make strides towards addressing the changes being brought about through BYOD and remote working.

There are some huge developments on the cloud integration with the desktop apps, says Microsoft. And also the desktop remote support in one way or the other. It is strongly believed that these features will definitely redefine how we have been using our PC in static way till now.

Also adding to the lineup is the upcoming Windows Intune which will support mobile device management, a self-service Company Portal and the ability to leverage user accounts, in addition to several other enhancements. Windows Intune is available as an add-on for Windows customers with Enterprise Agreements.

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