Fix: Display problems, resolution and settings in Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Windows Display Quality Troubleshooter will help you if you find that, on your Windows 10 / 8 / 7 computer, the display is not good and the readability of text is poor too. It could be a problem with your display drivers or maybe your display settings are not optimal.

Windows Display Quality Troubleshooter

Microsoft has released an Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Service (ATS Fix it) that will allow you to automatically detect and fix these display problems. It will automatically diagnose and fix issue that affect display quality and readability of text.

Once you download this ATS Fix it and run it, it will scan for issues. You can choose to let it fix the problems automatically for you or opt to select and apply the fixes yourself. Once the scan is over it will present you with a Troubleshooting report.

Windows Display Quality Troubleshooter

Click on Next to fix the problems. Once the problems are fixed, it will list down and inform you the problems which have been fixed.

Click on Next and complete its normal run. You may have to restart your computer, once the ATS closes.

Windows Display Quality Troubleshooter will fix Windows display problems

The Windows Display Quality Troubleshooter fixes the following problems:

  1. Video driver is not WDDM compatible or is not installed.
  2. Display settings are not optimal for your monitor.
  3. Display color settings need to be calibrated.
  4. Text is blurred and difficult to read.

So if you facing some Windows display problems, head over to Microsoft  to download the Windows Display Quality Troubleshooter.

See this post if Screen Resolution changes on its own automatically.

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  • Doctor Partlow

    well isn’t this ironic. I attempted to make a co-worker who felt guilty a big 50lbs crt was sitting on my desk. stated he was going to get me a new monitor, obviously a flat panel lcd.

    thursday evening for no particular purpose I brought this huge monitor I had in the basement up. apparently it weighs 92.3lbs. lugged it out to my car. obviously this was going to increase the guilt and get that new monitor quicker.

    it’s a Sony GDM-FW900. 24″ flat screen CRT that has a massive max resolution of 2048×1536 .. wasted all of thursday attempting to calibrate this spectical from 2002. could not for the life of me find the correct drivers for win 7 x64 .. had to figure things out otherwise I wouldn’t have one upped anyone with a horrid looking display on this expensive monitor from the past.

  • Grumpigeek

    Windows 8.1 64-bit is not supported by this troubleshooter.

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