Watch Internet TV on Windows Media Center with Revision3 Plugin

Revision3 Plugin can be described as a Windows Media Center plugin that will let you watch Internet TV easily. With Windows Media Center, your PC is a powerful TV, bringing your shows and entertainment to one place. Enjoy broadcast and Internet TV right on your PC. Whenever and wherever you want.

After installing the Revision3 Plugin, it will appear under the Extras Library. You can right-click on Revision3 to “Add to Start Menu” to have it appear on the Start Menu for Windows Media Center.


After launching Revision3, the main screen showcases the latest episodes at the top you can navigate through. Or you can select a show or episode below that in a grid listing of shows or episodes – depending what you have selected.


Each show has their own “page” displaying the latest episodes for you to choose. Below is what the page for Tekzilla looks like.


And of course when you click on a specific episode, you are given a synopsis of the episode and the option to watch if it’s the episode you want to watch.


The episode you choose to watch with stream in high-definition and look wonderful – depending on a good Internet connection of course.

If your a tech savvy and need to keep in touch with latest technology, PC tip and tricks then this plug-in is for you.

You can download the Plugin from Revision3.

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