Ultracopier: Free file copy software for Windows with advanced features

Ultracopier is a free Windows File Copier replacement utility. It comes with many advanced features that might seem to be missing from the default Windows copying utility. For all those who love the graph in Windows 8 copying utility are however going to miss it in Ultracopier.

File copy software

Ultracopier Free file copy software

Ultracopier integrates well with the system. Once installed it will automatically detect copy and paste shortcuts. There is no need to manually run the program and enter the file paths. Simple copy and paste with the shortcuts or by using the right-click menu.

Once you’ve started transferring some files, a new window will open, which will show the whole progress of the data, and the transfer progress of a single file too. With these progress bars it also shows another bar that calculates and tells you the speed of data transfer. You can press the ‘More’ button to view all other advanced details or the copy list.

Under Copy List, you can see all the files that are being transferred. From this list you can even delete some files or reorder them according to your wish. If some errors occur, you can easily view them in detail from the Errors tab.

Another feature I liked in this tiny utility was that for different transfers in progress, you can set the speed limits for each of them. For a task you can give the maximum and slow down the other ones.

Under the Copy engine, you can manage all the settings for copying and moving data. You can copy the file rights or create new rights for copied files. You can even copy file date and time else add a new date and time of coping the file.

You can edit renaming rules to avoid confusion between similar files. You can also change settings for prompts or additional error dialogs. Checksums can also be verified after copying the files.

There are some advanced options that can be edited, like block size, sequential and parallel buffer. All these advanced options lets you customize the copying utility as per your needs.

Ultracopier is a free, simple file copier which comes with many advanced features which are easy to operate. No fussy steps and configurations, just install and enjoy the great transfer speed.

Ultracopier download

Click here to download Ultracopier.

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