The Hidden 7’s In Windows 7.

In the recent video at Channel10 – Progression of the Iconic Background,  Larry Larsen talks to Denise Trabona to know about how the default Windows 7 background was designed.  And in the end the talk is about the Easter Eggs…

Those who have used Windows 7 Beta may be knowing about the 7 Bubbles of betta fish desktop background of Windows 7 beta.

7 bubbles

Even in the Final RTM version of Windows 7 there are such interesting tidbits in its default desktop & logon  background.

On both the Desktop and the logon background, there are 7 leaves on the branch, both in desktop and logon screens.


There are 7 light strands throughout in the desktop background.


Moreover, there are 7 elements working in the four Quadrants of the Windows logo; viz circle, tree , butterfly, grass, bird,  hexagonal sparkles & the cross-like sparkles.


Similarly there are 7 such, on the logon screen too!

Take our word or … if you have the inclination and the time … count them! Smile

Thanks meraTechPort.

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