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Display seconds in Taskbar Clock

How to display seconds in Taskbar Clock in Windows

The Taskbar Clock in Windows, displays the date and time. The day, month and the year are displayed – and the hour and minutes are seconds are displayed. In this post we will see how to display second in the […]

Search from the taskbar

Search from the taskbar in Windows 8 / 7

In this post, we will see how you can search from the taskbar in Windows 8.1. We have seen how to add the address bar to the taskbar in Windows 8 / 7. This lets users type the URL directly into […]


Auto Hide Taskbar in Windows 8 / 7

If you don’t like the Taskbar to appear on your desktop all the time, you can easily set it to auto hide when not in use. You may need to hide the taskbar because you need more space on you […]

Add Address Bar to Taskbar

How to add Address Bar to Taskbar in Windows 8 / 7

One of the ways you can make Windows work for you better, is to let you directly open a website from your Windows taskbar. Here is a simple way how you may do it. You don’t even need to launch your […]

Lock all Taskbar settings

Lock all Taskbar settings in Windows 8 | 7

In this post we will see how to lock or unlock the Taskbar settings and prevent access to taskbar control panel and disallow resizing, arranging, moving toolbars and so on. You can do lock all Taskbar settings using the Group Policy […]


How to display your Name in Windows Taskbar

With Windows, you can always customize the look and feel of your system. For instance, you can display a name of your choice in the Windows Taskbar just adjacent to the digital time clock – just for the heck of […]

Language Bar missing

Restore: Language Bar missing in Windows 8.1

Sometimes, even after enabling language bar in your Windows Control Panel, you may find that the Language bar is missing. It may disappear completely and become visible only when UAC prompts to switch to administrator account. The possible reason for this […]


Add Recycle Bin To Taskbar In Windows 8

As you all know that we have been exploring and posting regularly about new possibilities that exist in recently the released Windows 8 CP edition. You may have noticed, that you cannot pin the Recycle Bin or Computer folder icons […]


Access and Launch Metro Apps from Windows 8 Desktop or Taskbar

Change is the law of nature and it seems that Microsoft is strictly following it. I’m saying so because of the new features introduced in Windows 8 – the most important being the Start Screen and Metro Apps, which are radically different […]

Multiple Clocks In Windows 7

Set and Display Multiple Clocks In Windows 7

Did you know you can display multiple clocks in Windows 7? You can have Windows 7 display up to three clocks in the system tray. By default, Windows 7 asks for your location when you install it and shows the […]

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