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Internet Terrorism – Definition, Methods And Examples

If you thought the only form of terrorism is the one daily shown on our television sets where they show blood, you are wrong. There is much more to terrorism used by militant and terrorist outfits as well as people […]

Harden Windows Login Password Policy in Windows 10/8/7

To protect your computer from unauthorized use, Windows 10/8/7 provides a facility to protect it using a password. A strong password is thus the first line of defense as far as your computers security is concerned. If you wish to […]

Update RSA Digital Certificates – 1024 Bits No Longer Supported

With the scope of digital exploitation increasing, Microsoft came out with an advisory that it will no longer entertain digital certificates of less than 1024 bits strength. In August 2012, Microsoft issued a security advisory that it will not support […]

Kingsoft Antivirus : Freeware Anti Virus for Windows

Kingsoft Antivirus is out of beta and is now available as a free download for your Windows PC. This completely free antivirus software will detect and clean virus, trojans and malware from your computer. It can also work along-side other […]

Review Of OpenDNS – Free DNS With Parental Controls

In this age of malware attacks and phishing attempts, you need more security than simply an antivirus and a firewall. In our attempt to find out good software that counters malware attacks and provide better privacy on the Internet, we […]

Understand and Manage Java Settings in Windows 10/8/7

Adobe Flash and Java are two downloads most of us have installed on our Windows computers, as they give us a richer internet and browsing experience. We have already seen how to manage Adobe Flash Settings. Today we will learn […]

How To Block Websites In Internet Explorer

How to block Websites in Internet Explorer using Content Advisor

There are different reasons why people may want to block certain websites in Internet Explorer. The most common reason people block websites in Internet Explorer is the malicious nature of such websites. While the SmartScreen filter does a great job, […]

WinFolder Lock Pro: Lock and protect folders in Windows 8

We have already seen several free file encryption or folder locking software earlier. If you looking for one with a cool minimalistic Metro look for your Windows 8, you might want to check out WinFolder Lock Pro. WinFolder Lock Pro […]