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Get some swag at the new Windows Phone Gear Store

Windows Phone users who love the brand now have a wonderful opportunity to get some swag. Microsoft has just launched a new Windows Phone Gear Store, where you will be able to buy T-Shirts, Mugs, magnets, Stickers, Water Bottles, Thermos, […]

globalDoodle: A fun site for you and your kids

globalDoodle is a 16 square kilometer sheet of paper in cyberspace for you to draw on. When you visit the site, it will turn your browser into a drooling pad. Draw on it or simple doodle. Do it alone or […]

Wi-Fi Security Tips: Precautions To Take At Public Hotspots

Coffee shops, airports, hotel lounge – you can connect to the Internet from any place that provides you a hotspot. More than helping you out, such Wi-Fi hotspots help snoopers in accessing your data. The dangers of using a public […]

Sweet Home 3D: Free Interior Design Software for Windows

If you are possibly planning to hire a designer for re-modeling your current space or designing a new office space, maybe you want to think again! SweetHome3D, as the name suggests is a useful freeware and a great interior design […]

5 Open Source Database: Overview, Comparison and Features

Earlier we have talked about SQL Database. In this post I am going to list some of the popular open source, free database software. Before starting any service online it is much necessary to choose a database that can guarantee […]

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

A lot of people end up getting confused when they see two different URL’s one as HTTP and other as HTTPS. So what is the difference between these two? In this post, I will discuss the evolution of HTTP and […]

What is on the other side of your location on Earth?

Curious to find out what is there diametrically opposite to where you are standing now? What you need to do is find out your Antipode. Two regions on the surface of the Earth that are diametrically opposite to each other are […]

Connect Google account to Windows Live account

You can now connect your Google Account to your Windows Live account. By connecting your Google account to your Windows Live account, you will be able to view status updates, post status updates, integrate contacts directly to/from your Windows Live […]

ExifTool: Read, Write, Edit Meta information

I was searching for a good EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) tool to view a complete meta information for jpeg pictures after long search I found this nice little application “ExifTool” a pearl based command line application which gives us […]

Windows 8 Simulator sneakily promotes Ubuntu

Many websites have been suggesting that if you have not yet installed the Windows 8 DP or do not want to go through the hassle of installing it, but still want to get a taste of Windows 8, you can install […]

How to become a Beta Tester at Microsoft

Being a contributor beta tester at Microsoft opens many new doors for a tech guy. It will enhance your skills, gives you the early access to new products and sharpen your skills about using latest technologies. As a beta tester […]

windows8 better than windows7

5 reasons why Windows 8 will outsell Windows 7

When it comes to operating systems, it is Microsoft all the way, in all segments. No doubt Windows has improved with every release it has made over years. Microsoft understands operating system better than anybody could have done and does everything […]

The Windows Club gets a new look – Feedback welcome!

I guess getting a new theme for The Windows Club was already a bit overdue. What triggered me to action, albeit a little late, was the need to make TWC load faster after Google’s clarion call to webmasters to wake […]