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remove broken shortcuts

Freeware to fix or remove Broken Shortcuts in Windows

Having too many broken shortcuts on your Windows can be messy and its a good idea to scan for and remove broken shortcuts every once in a while – just a matter of good house-keeping! While most What are broken shortcuts […]

DriverView: Display list of all device drivers in Windows

When you face frequent issues with your computer system, it becomes necessary to check the programs and drivers installed on your system. Although the Windows user can look up for any device driver through the Device Manager – what if […]

TurnedOnTimesView: Monitor Windows Startup & Shutdown times

TurnedOnTimesView is a simple but useful Event Log Viewer and Monitor for your Windows Operating System. This tiny application lets you keep a record of every time your computer was turned on or off. Well, with this freeware, you can keep […]

RunScanner Review – A excellent startup & hijack analyzer

RunScanner is an excellent application that will scan the startup items and hunt for Malware. It will scan for all running processes, programs, services, drivers, auto start locations, and hijack points. It can detect system changes made by viruses, malware. […]

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit: Prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited

Malwarebytes recently acquired ZeroVulnerabilityLabs, a vulnerability, exploits and security R&D Company. With this acquisition, ZeroVulnerabilityLab’s ExploitShield have become a part of the Malwarebytes family and it is now known as Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Tool The Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Tool is not […]

Windows Phone app for desktop

Download Windows Phone app for desktop

The Windows Phone app for Windows desktop is a must-have software to have on your Windows 8 | 7 device, if you are a Windows Phone 8 user. You may have noticed that when you connected your Windows Phone 8 […]

Kidzy: Free and Safe Web Browser For Kids

How often your kids use internet and more important is how do they use it? If you think that your kids use the internet same way as you do, you are mistaken. While we shop, bank, work and do other […]

Bot Revolt Anti-Malware Free Edition: Download, Review

Most virus or malware detecting programs at first, scan your files and folders for any signs of infections. These programs fail to realize that the primary mode of infection is an IP address via which the infection spreads to a […]

8Smoker Pro

8Smoker Pro: Tweaking freeware for Windows 8

Tweaking Windows 8 to suit your personal requirements has become easy with 8Smoker Pro.  With the help of 8Smoker Pro, you can tweak most of the Windows 8 operating system. This free software, is simple for beginners and powerful for experts, and helps […]

Windows Run Command: A free Windows Run replacement utility

Windows Run Dialog is an easy way to open programs, if you are familiar with it. It gives you a shortcut method to open things. But its alternatives like Executor or Windows Run-Command make things even easier and handy. Windows Run-Command is […]

PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security Free Review & Download

PC Pistop the developers of PC Matic, a Windows optimization software have released PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security Free Version. This free version of PC Matic Home Security includes all security features of PC Matic. Since PC Pitstop was […]