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Windows Component Store

Analyze Windows Component Store or WinSxS in Windows 8.1

The WinSxS folder is the location for Windows Component Store files. The Windows Component Store is used to support the functions needed for installation,  customization and updating of the Windows operating system. It is used during installing, updating, upgrading, uninstalling, […]


WinSxS Folder in Windows 10/8/7 explained

Most of you may have noticed the WinSxS folder in Windows 7/8/10 and been surprised at its size. For those who have not, the folder is situated at C:\Windows\Winsxs and has a whopping size ! Mine is almost 5 GB and […]

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Fix: Windows forgets Folder View settings

If you find that your Windows 10 forgets Folder View settings or does not remember it, you can try this registry modification. The usual way to reset a Folder Type View Settings is as follows: : Open Explorer > Folder Options > […]

Windows 8 startup folder location

Location of the Startup folder in Windows 10/8

The Startup folder in Windows contains a list of shortcuts of those applications that start when your Windows start. Earlier, you could easily access the Windows 7 startup folder from Start  Menu > Startup. But where is the Startup folder […]

Temporary Internet Files Folder location

Temporary Internet Files Folder location in Windows 7/8/10

Those who had moved from Windows XP to Windows Vista were puzzled as to where the Temporary Internet Files were located in this operating system. Where is the Temporary Internet Files Folder located Starting with Windows Vista, and continuing in Windows […]

What is Folder Merge Conflict in Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces a new feature, which was not available in Windows 7 or earlier. This feature gives you an option, whereby you can prevent or allow the “This destination already contains a folder named” warning dialog box from appearing, […]

Essential File Management Tips For Windows 7

Windows 7 has a beautiful way to organize things. While the tradition of having default folders for documents, music, video and pictures continues in Windows 7, it also allows you to create Libraries so that you can organize your files […]