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Automatically move files to folders in Windows 8 / 7

Organizing files and folders is a very tedious task and time consuming too but you can easily overcome the task by using some of the simple utilities like DropIt, QuickMove, Files 2 Folder, etc. Automatically move files to folders In […]

Change Print Screen folder location

Change Print Screen folder location in Windows 8 / 7

Windows 8, by default, saves screenshots to the Pictures folder. But if you wish, you can change the default save folder location for captured Print Screen image files to any other location, by following this tutorial. There are several ways […]


TreeSize Free: Display File, Folder sizes, using Context Menu

Figuring out which directories are most troublesome without reading the drive extensively can be a challenging task but, TreeSize Free shows you results instantly. The explorer add-on can be launched from the context menu of a folder or a drive […]

create blank folder names

How to create blank folder names in Windows 8 / 7

Today, we will see how to create blank folder names in Windows. I have used this trick earlier on Windows Vista and Windows 7 – and it now also works on Windows 8.1 as well. I do not remember if […]

hidden files and folders missing

Fix: Hidden files and folders in Folder Options is missing

We know that the Windows operating system contains some files and yet other system files and folders which are hidden by default. These are hidden so that the end-user does not by chance end up deleting or modifying their contents as […]


How to expand Context Menu in Windows 8 | 7

The right-click menu context menu in Explorer under Windows 8 and Windows 7 is quite useful and improved. Right-click a file or folder, and a menu appears, letting you take a variety of actions, such as opening the file, printing it, […]

whitespace characters

How Windows 8 treats whitespace characters in File and Folder names

In computer typography, a white space is any character representing a horizontal or vertical space. When such whitespace characters are rendered, it will typically occupy space on a page, but its resulting appearance with be a ‘blank’. There are various whitespace characters […]

Cannot select more than one file

Fix: Cannot select more than one file or folder in Windows

Often, while working with Windows Explorer, you would have felt the need to select multiple files or folders at the same time. There are several ways to select multiple files or folders. For example, you can open the folder that […]

image not found

Fix: Unable to change File or Folder Permissions in Windows

In Windows, whenever you create a new file or folder, the Windows operating system assigns it a set of default permissions, called as Effective Permissions. You may at times, want to or need to change these permissions. Cannot change File or […]

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Disable Full Row Select in Windows 8 | 7 explorer

In Windows 8 File Explorer, when you select the Details view, all the columns, for that row, are active for file selection. Under Windows XP only the ‘Name’ column was. But starting with Windows Vista, this behavior changed and now […]


Add or Remove Folders from This PC in Windows 8.1

The Computer folder or the This PC folder in Windows 8.1 now displays, the Desktop folder as well as personal folders like Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos folders. If you do not want your This PC folder to look […]

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