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Firefox 21 Features: New Security & Privacy settings

Firefox 21 has been recently released. The new version comes with improved security and privacy features and settings. In addition to it, there are some more amazing features available in the new improved version. In this post we may discus […]

Stratiform : Ultimate Customization Add-On For Firefox

Firefox users may want to check out Stratiform, a customization add-on for the web browser that lets you modify your favorite browser settings with a few clicks. Stratiform, puts the power in the average user’s hands and lets him customize […]

Disable or Change the built-in PDF Reader in Firefox

Mozilla’s latest version of Firefox – Firefox 19 is out with a modest set of features. The major change it sees is the incorporation of the most anticipated feature – built-in PDF viewer, PDF.js – which eliminates the need for third-party […]

Run Firefox OS on Windows PC with Simulator

Firefox OS is a whole new Mobile OS developed by Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project. The operating system does not come installed on any of the phones yet. But you can have a look at the OS, by simulating it on […]

Mozilla Firefox keeps slowing down on Windows 10/8/7

Firefox is a popular alternate browser for the Windows operating system. But users of the Mozilla Firefox web browser are well aware that it slows down with time. With the passage of time, the browser starts becoming sluggish and unresponsive at […]

Download Firefox with MSN – a new release from Mozilla

Mozilla has released a customized version of Firefox, who like to enjoy their daily dose of MSN on Firefox browser. Aptly called Firefox with MSN, the browser has Bing set as the default search, sets MSN as your default home […]

Enable or Turn On Messenger for Firefox

Facebook addicts will find yet another way of keeping up with their friends. Mozilla after the release of the latest stable version of the Firefox, Firefox 17 announced a messenger service for it. Messenger for Firefox is a new service that […]

How to enable built-in PDF Viewer in Firefox 15

Mozilla sometime earlier released the newest version of its open-source, cross-platform web browser – Firefox 15. The browser runs with reduced memory usage for add-ons, has a new JavaScript debugger and more. It is compatible with both, 32-bit and 64-bit […]

Mozilla Firefox Freezing or Crashing on Windows computer

Are you a Firefox user? If yes, you might have come across an instance where the browser suddenly freezes or hangs or crashes and closes down unexpectedly or collapses into a not responding mode. Freezing or Hanging is a process […]

Pick and Save Multiple Images from a Website with ImagePicker

Downloading multiple images from a web page can be a bothering task especially when you  have to save them separately and individually. Image Picker, a Firefox extension aims to make this process much simpler and easy-going. It picks multiple images […]

Download Back to School, Firefox Campus Edition for Students

Some of you may not be aware that Firefox offers a special edition of its Firefox browser for students. Dubbed as the Back to School edition, this edition comes pre-loaded with some useful add-ons for students. These add-ons are meant […]

How To Setup Firefox Permission Manager For Websites

One important addition to Firefox has been inclusion of a Permission Manager for Firefox. The Permission Manager of Mozilla Firefox will allow users to define the users own settings for the websites. For example, a user can set whether a […]

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Why is Firefox releasing a new version every 6 weeks?

June 21 2011 saw the release of Firefox 5, almost three months after its earlier version Firefox 4 was released. By the time users got acquainted with the usage of Firefox 4, Mozilla sent them a new release version in […]