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Tips To Customize Microsoft Outlook

Today I will give you some tips on how to customize Microsoft Outlook. Different people have different needs and they can customize Microsoft Outlook accordingly. There are plenty of options available with Microsoft Outlook 2010 under File menu that you […]

What is Folder Merge Conflict in Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces a new feature, which was not available in Windows 7 or earlier. This feature gives you an option, whereby you can prevent or allow the “This destination already contains a folder named” warning dialog box from appearing, […]

How to set up and use File History in Windows 8

The practice of creating backups of important file is always considered as a good idea, as you never know when you may need them. However, the activity is ignored by many users. In fact, statistics reveal that less than 5% of […]

Notable changes in Windows 8 Release Preview

It has been almost a month since Windows 8 Release Preview was released. Obviously, the current release is considered as being more stable than the previous release i.e. Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Today in this article, we’re going to discuss […]

Compress Files, Folder, Drive in Windows to save Disk Space

To save disk space, the Windows operating system allows you to compress files and folders. When you compress a file, using the Windows File Compression function, the data is compressed using an algorithm, and re-written so as to occupy lesser […]

More amazing features of the Microsoft Surface Tablet

We have already posted about the launch of the Surface Tablet from Microsoft, seen its images, and the basic specifications of each of the variants. Now we will see some more amazing things about the Surface Tablet ! These have […]

Show Hibernate in Power Button options in Windows 8

In Windows 8, by default, the Hibernate option is not activated in the Power Button options. Users may notice that there is no hibernate option in Windows 8. The default options available are Shutdown, Restart, and Sleep. I am sure many […]

Download Windows 8 Release Preview Product Guide

How Windows 8 will be a boon to Business, has been explained in this new guide released by Microsoft. Titled simply as the Windows 8 Product Guide for Business, this guide how Windows has been reimagined in its 8th avatar […]

Windows 8 Parental Controls – An Overview

Parental Controls in Windows 8 allow better monitoring of your children’s activities than in the previous versions of Windows, including Windows 7. Unlike Windows 7 where you can place controls on a PC to PC basis, the parental controls can […]