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Auto-select language encoding

Auto-select language encoding setting in Internet Explorer

Whenever you visit a website, the web page tells the browser which language encoding to use. The browser uses this information, and renders the page. If the page does not include this information, it will find out the correct language […]

Disable Spell Checker & Auto-Correct in Windows 8.1/10

In Windows 8 and later editions, there is a built-in spell checker that is embedded in your system. The spell checker and auto-correct is supposed to work over different sections of Windows uniformly. In many scenarios, you might find the […]

InstantGo Power State in Windows 10/8.1

InstantGo in Windows 8.1, replaces the Connected Standby of Windows 8. The feature as we all know defined how a device could handle sleep mode since, it allowed devices to run continually and keep alive the network connection even when […]

Network context menus in Windows 8.1

Network context menus in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 now offers you a context menu for Networks, that let you easily carry out certain operations for your computers networks and manage them. If you have successfully applied the Windows 8.1 Update, you will see some new options. […]

Clean up WinSxS Directory in Windows Server 2008 R2 with new Update

The WinSxS folder seems to be one stop solution for storing files added to your OS via Windows Update. The Winsxs folder, stores multiple copies of dll‘s in order to let multiple applications run in Windows without any compatibility problem. Microsoft releases […]

Windows 7 New Features

Guide: New features available now in Windows 7

I was surprised to see a Windows 7 New Features Get Started guide being made available as a download at Microsoft Download Center. Then the key word struck me in its description – This guide describes some of the New […]

Work Folders in Windows 8.1

Set up Work Folders in Windows 7

If you have wanted to set up Work Folders in Windows 7, then this post is sure to interest you. Microsoft introduced Work Folders in Windows 8.1. This new feature is basically a Bring Your Own Device enhancement, that will […]

WIMBoot or Windows Image Boot explained

Users slammed Microsoft Surface tablet over glaring disk space consumption issue. They believed, that the device’s operating system, ARM-compatible version of Windows called Windows RT consumed a little more than half of the on-board storage space available to the 32GB model, […]

rename computer windows 8.1

Rename computer via PC Settings easily in Windows 8.1

Windows users are already familiar as to how the operating system lets your change your computer name via the Control Panel. You have to open the Control Panel, select System applet, Advanced System Settings from the left side. In the […]

Emergency Restart Windows

How to Emergency Restart or Shutdown Windows 10/8/7

There may be some situations where you may need to restart or shut down your Windows system urgently. This could be an emergency situation, where you need to instantly shutdown or restart your system – or there could be a situation […]

Windows 8.1 Update introduces new features and enhancements

When users provide feedback to a responsive company, they materially impact the brand and ensure that the product you get is the product what you expect. Ever since Windows 8 was introduced in 2012, we saw some changes happening with Windows […]

Windows 8.1: The Anti Malware Operating System

We all use one or more antivirus software, Internet Security Suite or a Firewall software on our Windows computer. We keep them updated, go for zero-day patches, and keep hunting forbetter combination of anti-malware for better protections. But what most anti-malware […]

System Information MSInfo Utility

System Information Tools in Windows 10/8/7

You may occasionally need to know a little more about your machine…details about your hardware, software, etc. There are four ways you can get such system information info in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista, natively. System […]