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Five Free Apps to Access Facebook Chat

Whilst you can of course access Facebook chat using the webs favorite social networking site directly, it’s not your only option. There are many reasons as to why you could be interested in using a third-party web tool to […]

Download Official Facebook Messenger for Windows 7

The news has been going around for quite some time that the Facebook was working on a chat client  for Windows 7 platform, and that it would be made available some time soon. Although, the news was out, the official version […]

Facebook Sign In: How to securely login to Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites. Being that, makes it a rather attractive target for hackers and malware writers to attack. This article will tell you how to sign up for and create a Facebook account […]

Facebook Like extension for Chrome released

A few days back Google released its official Google+ button for Chrome Browser. And now, an official Facebook Like button has been released for Chrome. Installing this extension on your Chrome will now let you +1 any webpage on the […]

Download Official Facebook Security Guide

A few months back Facebook had launched its Family Safety Center, which offered a powerful set of safety and security resources for the entire family and also offered a Facebook Guide for Parents. Now, it has released its official Facebook […]

10 Useful Facebook, Add-ons, Tricks, Tips

On my quest to find the most useful things for Facebook, I came across these Facebook tips, tricks and add-ons, that might come in handy for the daily Facebook user. Facebook Tricks, Tips, Add-ons Facebook Colour Changer for Firefox users […]

Social Networking Sites – The new opium for the masses!

There was a time when religion was considered as the opium for the masses. “Religion is the opium of the people“, so said Karl Marx. Welcome to the new world where social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut […]

Infographic and video: Facebook scams

BitDefender today released a detailed infographic which revealed the dynamics of the Facebook scam landscape. Based on the statistics provided by Bitdefender safego, a free Bitdefender tool, discussed here, the infographic details the types of messages used as baits in […]

Beware of List Your Stalkers, a new rogue Facebook app!

Facebook still continues to attract large numbers of fraudsters. Although the threat of Trojans and other Malware is still active, many specially developed applications are used to convert a user’s private Facebook data into money. My Facebook page was visited […]

The Longest Facebook Wall in the World!

A new Facebook app has just been launched! So whats special? This app promises to be the longest Facebook Wall in the world! Its developers McCollins Media say that the aim of launching The Longest Facebook Wall in the World […]

How to use Facebook chat in Windows Live Hotmail

A week or so back, Microsoft officially integrated the option of chatting with Facebook buddies right in to your Hotmail account. To use this service you need to authorize and connect your Facebook account with your Live mail account.