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Microsoft Visual Studio 11- Features, Download

Microsoft gave a glimpse of their software development tool named “Visual Studio 11” last week. Just to recollect, Microsoft announced Visual Studio 11 alongside the Windows 8 Development Preview September last year. Now as we are approach the launch of Windows […]

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Win a Nokia Lumia 800 by developing a single Windows Phone 7.5 app

The partnership between Microsoft and Nokia has given birth to a new aggressive marketing strategy pursued by both the giants. This made us see huge impressive ad posters almost everywhere, luring tv commercials, the dead mau5 presentation, a giant-sized Windows Phone […]


Developing Windows 7.5 Mango Apps, Part 4: if statement

In previous chapters of this series, we started off with very basic things like introduction, first small application and we also learnt some other basic concepts like variables and assigning values to them. In this chapter, things will get a […]

How to create an app for Windows Phone 7 using Appmakr

Windows Phone 7 has become a household name in a short duration of time and has a huge collection of apps in its MarketPlace. App development has  a huge potential in the smart phone industry. Most of us at some point […]

Microsoft announces the AppItUp Contest for Windows Phone App Ideas

Microsoft is back with the MICROSOFT IDEA OF THE WEEK CONTEST, specially designed for students working on Windows Phone 7 Application Development where students stand a chance to win $50-a-week for their innovative and potentially strong Windows Phone App Ideas. […]

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Download Windows Phone Toolkit for Symbian App Developers

It could be in the early 2012 when you will see smart phone from Nokia containing the power of Windows Phone platform. Microsoft has something special its developers. As always, before the launch of the final version of any platform, Microsoft […]

How to Enable and Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 8 / 7

By default the Safe Mode is disabled on Windows 8 DP. If you have tried to boot into safe mode by pressing the F8 key using Windows boot, you will find that that Windows Recovery Environment is what you get. […]