Submit bugs for Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3 / 4

If you would like to submit bugs or give other feedback for Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3 or Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4, you may use the following Contact Form. Alternatively you may email us at sidhuparas1234 at gmail dot com with a copy to thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com if you need to attach images.

While giving feedback do mention whether it is for Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3 or Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4. Please also mention details about your operating system details and mention the exact problem you encountered or the errors you received.

If you need support, please visit TWC Forum.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 8 and Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 have been developed by Paras Sidhu, for

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  1. Edy

    Congratulations! This is an awesome software. Thank you so much. Please, add a GPEDIT and SERVICES enable, disable option too. Edy.

  2. Kris Bauermann

    Just how can I uninstall and reset IT?

  3. Paras Sidhu

    It’s a portable utility. Just delete the .exe file and you’re done.

  4. Kris Bauermann

    Is there any way to reset it?

  5. Paras Sidhu

    To revert the effects, click “Restore Defaults”!

  6. Kris Bauermann

    I’ve searched everywhere, but there is no one…

  7. Kris Bauermann

    I just searched it, but cant find it…

  8. Paras Sidhu

    Go to any section. For example, Customization. Look in the bottom side of the app. There are “Create Restore Point”, “Close” and “Apply” buttons. You will find “Restore Defaults” button there.

  9. Kris Bauermann

    I think in it would be so easy, I would have found it…

  10. Kris Bauermann

    Is there any way to reset it manually via Registry-keys (Regedit)? I Know that it just Chance registry-keys…

  11. berlincount

    Great software, thank you! 🙂 Any possibility to to integrate the functionalities of RBTray (right-click on minimize minimizes to system tray instead of taskbar – sourcecode at, always-on-top (either a key binding or a menu item to keep a window always on top) and adding seconds to the clock displayed in the systems tray? I could drop three other single-purpose tweaking utilities if this was offered by the Ultimate Windows Tweaker as well 🙂

  12. Paras Sidhu

    First of all, thank you very much for appreciation. I want to tell you that your suggestions have been noted. And you will see them being implemented soon 🙂 I’m not promising it in near future. But I will try to add all of them in next version for Windows 10 🙂

  13. berlincount

    oh – so they won’t be coming for Windows 8, or will it just be backwards compatible?

  14. Paras Sidhu

    They will support Window 8 too. We will decide if the next version of UWT will be backward compatible or not. But in case, we will update UWT 3 lineup to include those features 🙂

  15. Zulali

    Feature Request !
    Please add support to add (available) “Local Drives” in “Desktop Context Menu” It would save lot of time to open desired local drives… Thanks

  16. Paras Sidhu

    Great! Don’t get surprised to see them in next version of UWT 🙂

  17. kmdavisjr

    I upgraded to windows 10 and did not uninstall this great tool first. It is still on my context menu and I cant uninstall it. Any help?

  18. Paras Sidhu

    If you want to remove it from context menu, run the tool again. Go to “Additional”. There you will see option where you can uncheck the option to pin it to context menu.


    After realizing that two client — friends downloaded the wrong file, I corrected them, and now I and they both can give Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 high recommendations.

  20. Fabian

    This is not a bug submission but a feature request (as the bug is on Microsoft’s side and in the OS, not in this program)

    When I pin something to the taskbar (eg. notepad) I can then pin files to this program (eg. txt files) so that when I right click a program icon on the taskbar, I see all pinned files + recent files + unpin + reopen program. This behaviour was in win 7 too, however, a crucial difference is, that while there were only 2 pixels or so between any two items in the pinned list of win 7, win 10 seems to have 10-20. This means that only 10 pinned items is enough to fill half my screen, with the most recent items filling the rest of the screen (making it impossible to unpin the program or open a new instance of the program).

    I would request a following feature: make a checkbox for tighter lists, ie. lists where there’s only the two pixels between two items, AND/or make the pinned item list scrollable, so that I can see things at the bottom even when the list is higher than my screen. The current situation is just silly, it makes no sense to have this feature take so much room!

    Not sure if links are allowed, but I’ll try, here’s a picture highlighting my problem:

  21. jhgreene1960

    wow paras – awesome s/w. THANKS

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