Stratiform : Ultimate Customization Add-On For Firefox

Firefox users may want to check out Stratiform, a customization add-on for the web browser that lets you modify your favorite browser settings with a few clicks. Stratiform, puts the power in the average user’s hands and lets him customize the browser in ways only developers or programmers would otherwise be able to do. This addon allows you to tweak the toolbar buttons, icons, text field, and more. You can allows change the tab colors and styles.

Stratiform for Firefox


The add-on uses the Modern UI of Windows 8 for the settings and preferences. Just like all the other apps with Metro UI design, Stratiform too looks great, that’s for sure. It’s not as refined as native Metro Internet Explorer, but it still boasts a very appealing interface that makes browsing a real breeze. Also, the add-on works perfectly on all Firefox family browsers. We, personally tested it on Aurora and it did not disappoint us!


Mostly concentrated on text customizations, the tool gives you the option to select the preset styles. Area wise you can customize the text. This comes handy to newcomers and normal users of browser. Now you don’t need to break the integrity or seal of the browser to customize it. Stratiform also provides you to use different backward and forward buttons as well.

Tweak & Customize Firefox

Next to this, the add-on also serves you to do the core tweaking of browser. Under Settings, you can customize third-party add-on icons, flip bookmark star position or make Firefox to always show the forward button. Successively, you can give the browser, your preferred size of minimize window. You can even change the Firefox text shown on the top left corner. Have a look:


Features Points:

We summarized some of the good abilities of this tool in the list below. Despite of other add-ons in its category, no doubt Stratiform leads the way. Here’s why:

  • So many ways to change the look and feel of Firefox
  • Full ability to customize colors for tab, address bars etc.
  • Minimizing width and height can be adjusted with desired size
  • Ability to do the tweaks against native software rules such as implementing forward button permanently


Not many really – but here are a few some may find as a shortcoming of this tool:

  • Not supported on Linux OS (Ubuntu)
  • Absence of border in first tab, after collapsing tab bar
  • No support for multi-languages.

So if you want to customize your Firefox you may want to give this add-on a try.

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