Startup Sentinel: Control, manage, disable Windows Startup programs

Are you tired of watching your computer boot? Don’t worry you are not the only one. No matter how good you are at keeping your computer up to date and clean, all computers slow down after some time. Although there are many possible reasons of your computer booting slow, the most common cause is all the software that’s trying to run with your Windows startup.

As you use your computer system; many drivers, programs and devices get installed on PC making the startup process even longer. It further slows the boot time. If your computer takes more than 5 minutes to boot, it’s high time you start using a tool that makes your computer startup much faster.

Startup Sentinel

Startup Senital

There are many different startup-tweaking programs for Windows, but today I am reviewing the Startup Sentinel. As a completely developed and detailed optimization tool, Startup Senitel gives detailed information about programs and services that start with your Windows computer system. It analyses the apps running at Windows startup and helps classify those which are not important, and can be disabled.

Downloading Startup Sentinel was extremely easy and thankfully I downloaded the lite version of the software and so the publishers didn’t try to push additional add-on software in my PC. It is a lightweight and small program and starts scanning your computer system immediately when opened.

Within a few seconds program displays the complete list of the applications running with the startup of my computer system. The list is very comprehensive and shows the location of the application, name and the command, explaining the purpose of each program and service.

Disable Windows Startup programs

Startup Sentinel will help you disable startup programs. It also has an option of adding files into ‘Black list’ and ‘White list’. If you do not want a program to get into your Startup list again, you can add it to the Black List. It also can show you the detailed log of your Startup in a .txt file.

In a nutshell, Startup Sentinel is a nice free utility. The only feature it lacks according to me is ‘Restore Feature’. There should be a restore feature in case we remove some program by mistake. Furthermore, there is no Help file, but the ‘About’ button shows the links of developer’s website and forum which is quite helpful.startup senitel about

You can download the software here. Make sure you download its Lite version from its download page.

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