SnapPea – Manage Android phone from Windows PC

Today I came across this excellent software called SnapPea. This application helps you manage your Android phone from your Windows desktop. SnapPea is packed with lot of nice little features. Though this article I’ll walk you through some of its features.

SnapPea review

After the installation of SnapPea, the first time you connect your phone, it will detect the phone model and install a little application on your phone, which will allow you to connect to the Desktop application. It might take some time to get it installed. Once it’s installed the application should be able to access your Contacts, Apps, Messages, Music, Pictures and Videos.


In the Welcome screen you can see the real-time screen of your phone. You can pause it if you like or you can take a screenshot of your phone’s screenshot. Though the playback is a little slow, you can switch the screen to full screen and share it to Facebook.


The next option is App, where you’ll find all the installed applications. You can right-click on Uninstall should you wish to uninstall some app. You could also move the application to SD Card, if you don’t have enough space in your internal memory. You can also uninstall multiple applications in one shot. Just use you CTRL key and click on the applications you want and then right-click and click on Uninstall. This is a pretty neat feature since the stock Android phone, doesn’t offer that feature.


The next option is Contacts. It displays all the contacts from the phone with pictures. You can create contacts from this screen as well. You can import contacts from a CSV file and export the contacts to a CSV file, Outlook CSV, Windows CSV & Nokia CSV. You can also filter with different groups that you have on your phone.


Under Messages you’ll find all the text messages you received in your phone . You can send messages from there as well.  Like contacts you can export and import the text messages too.


You also have options Manage Music, Pictures & Videos as well. You can install application directly from Desktop to your phone. The application also integrate APK files in the desktop, so by just double clicking on it APK will install the application directly. You can also schedule automatic backups of your messages, contacts & photos.

If you have a limited data plan then this freeware will suit you just fine. Overall it’s a great application but with a lot more potentials as well. It’s a must have application for Android users. Go get it from here.

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