An Elegant Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard and Mouse Set for your computer

Disposal of electronic waste has become a serious problem. Every year tons of electronic materials are discarded, but only a handful of them are recycled. Moreover, a large proportion of it remains non-biodegradable. There is a solution to this – one which takes care of this problem and yet makes the computer accessory, really classy to look at and use! On offer are 100% hand-carved natural bamboo biodegradable and environmentally friendly accessories. These include a well-designed keyboard and mouse set, created exclusively for the Eco-conscious computer users.

Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard

First off, this hand-carved bamboo keyboard is not 100% biodegradable. The USB cable that comes with the equipment is of plastic. A wireless option is available too. Plus, the keyboard’s inside material is composed of the same plastic-and-metal composition of any standard keyboard. It is just the casing that is pure wood!

That apart, the look and feel of the keyboard is similar to the standard PC keyboard. The wooden touch is smooth and gives the product a distinctive look. If you have just tried to shift from your standard 104-key PC keyboard, you’ll have an easier time with this Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard.

On the downside, this Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard lacks a stand on its underside. Most keyboards have a kickstand on the bottom that helps a user adjust the angle of the keyboard as per their convenience. The keyboard lacks this support. Although the rubber feet on its underside help keep the keyboard stable on a desk, there’s no keyboard stand.

Bamboo Handcrafted Mouse

The Bamboo Handcrafted Mouse, like other traditional devices is a standard three-button optical mouse with a scroll wheel. The mouse is a bit narrow but finish is as smooth as that of the keyboard. A blue LED lights up the scroll wheel, when you connect the mouse to the keyboard in use.

If you buy the set of keyboard and mouse, you can get good deals at Amazon. The  Bamboo Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set costs $75.99. But they are also available in different colors, iterations and price points.

A great gift idea for the Holiday Season!

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