Share your Windows 7 Experience Index with WEI Share

WEI Share or “We Share” is a Coding4Fun code sample that takes your Windows Experience Index score and shares it with the world anonymously to a Windows Azure website with a Silverlight front end and lets you post your WEI score to Facebook.

Why would you want to share your WEI score with the world?

First, this gives us a place to compare WEI scores across a wide range of hardware and even see how many touch points a multitouch computer may give you.

Second, a computer’s speed is dependent on the efficiency of the drivers. Sometimes WEI scores go up, sometimes they go down. This will allow you to judge the score that various versions of a driver may give you.

The Windows Experience Index (link) measures the capability of your Windows 7 PC through a set of diagnostics tests. The higher the score, the better your hardware.

In the test, 5 subscores are given for these hardware categories; Processor, Memory, Graphics, Gaming Graphics, Hard drive. Your overall WEI score is the lowest of these five: a computer is only as good as its weakest link.

WEI Share Features:

  • See the score a specific model PC or driver gets.
  • Post your machine’s score to your Facebook wall for bragging rights.
  • Scores can change depending on driver efficiency. WEI Share can tell you the score that each driver gets in configurations closest to yours.
  • Find out how many touch points (min/max) a particular multitouch PC can get (depending on driver).

Download WEI Share here. It was developed with Azure, WPF, and Silverlight.

You can run WEI Share at

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Whats your WEI Score, by the way? Care to share it here?

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