Seculert: Advanced malware and threat protection

Seculert is a cloud-based advanced threat protection solution The service offers a stunning user interface and now makes use of their Elastic Sandbox technology to add new features to the Seculert Advanced Threat Protection Solution. The cloud-based Elastic Sandbox is where malware is introduced, examined and profiled. With the new technology comes new techniques for data analysis. Users running malware samples can now select increments of time and different geo locations by which to analyze their sample.

Seculert takes a unique and an innovative approach to protect websites from malware which are too mainstream these days. Seculert targets data analytics to discover cyber-attacks. Even if your website/portal is already secured with some security solutions, you can still go for Seculert because it doesn’t require any installation or implementation, you just need to enter the web address or the IP addresses which you want to track and Seculert can start collecting data in just seconds.

Seculert is an extra layer of protection to your network. They offer a free basic plan as well as a paid plan. The free plan allows up to 5 GB of space for uploading logs. It automatically detects whether your domain is in communication with botnet traffic or not – if it is then there are chances of malware which would be immediately reported by Seculert.

The Free Plan also offers:

  • Unlimited time
  • Unlimited attack results
  • 25 full-detail attack results
  • Email notifications


What can you detect with Seculert

Employees: You can detect compromised computers and employees’ accounts within your organization

Partners: If your partners are remotely accessing your services, you can even have a look at them and you can detect compromised computers.

Customers: Customers access your services remotely and you can even look for your customer’s compromised computer.

The free version allows tracking of two employees, 2 internal and 3 remote. In addition to employees, it lets you track up to 5 partners and up to 10 customers from a single account.


Seculert has a feature called, ‘Internal Intelligence’ which is really very intelligent. It continuously collects intelligence data from live botnets and then match the malware information from your domain. In addition to user-friendly interface, Seculert has an API which integrates amazingly well with the security systems like SIEM, firewalls and URL filtering services. The API makes it more easier and faster to operate and can prevent many possible malware attacks.

Seculert is an innovative approach to detect malware in a website. The innovative features and a restful API adds something more to the security. Seculert protects your organization from inside and outside both.

UPDATE: Seculert is no longer offers the free plan.

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