Top 3 Free Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop software for Windows

Remote desktop or screen sharing applications are applications which allow a user to stream its screen over the Internet and get remote support from any other user around the globe. Remote desktop applications are useful for those, who are working on a project in a team, and who want  online repair support for their PC. There are lots of such applications out there, but we have chosen the best one’s for you – so lets  have a look at them!

Remote desktop applications for Windows

1. TeamViewer : Team Viewer is arguably the best and the fastest solution to remote desktop sharing and file sharing. There are no login processes at all, just an ID and a password, displayed on your Team Viewer window in every session.

To get started, what you need to do is open Team Viewer. You will see an ID and a Password, supply these credentials to the other user whom  you want to connect with. If you want to connect with someone else, ask for the ID and password displayed on his/her Team Viewer window. Team Viewer shows real-time fast results and the screen sharing is just awesome.

2. Mikogo: You might have even read about this free tool earlier on The Windows Club. Mikogo lets you easily make a web conference or a group video chat. With this tool you can easily share your screen/files or even text. This is an easy to use and a free software.

You can even Lock and Pause your session using the two buttons at the top. You can check the Create Session Log check box, if you want a log after your session. The speed of program is good and so is the interface. It is very easy to use and I would say a user-friendly interface, with some animations.

3. Skype: You might be amazed to see Skype in this post. Well friends, after some comparisons and tests, I’ve feel that the screen sharing option available in Skype performs really well and it shows a good quality while you share your screen with others.

To share your screen, right-click a contact and click on Share screens. You can select Entire Screen or Select Windows. The rest is easy and self-explanatory.

Hope you liked our list of remote desktop software. If you wish to add similar free software to this, please do so in the comments section.

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