Scrapbook Studio – A new digital scrapbooking freeware

Wondershare Scrapbook Studio is a cool freeware that makes digital scrapbooking easier, with the help of ready-made templates.

You can easily turn your photos into artistic composition for all occasions.


  • Premade Templates. Start with built-in templates, and make your digital scrapbooking programs, with ease and fun. Turn your favorite photos into scrapbook, greeting card, photo calendar and much more.
  • Embellishments. A wide range of elements are included in the templates and pages. You can select background, paper, decoration, frame and stamp, and mix them together to design your one-of-a-kind layout.
  • Cropping & Filter Effects. Crop, move, resize or rotate your photos, and apply filter effects. What’s more, you can add stunning shapes to photo or paper, stack any element in it and group a creative design as you like.
  • Text Effects. Curve, stretch, shape and blend your text into eye-catching patterns. Make your text stand out by applying shadow, adding outline, adjusting its angle, blur or opacity and more.

Wondershare Scrapbook Studio software also has 9 sets of templates which include 32 scrapbook page and hundreds of elements.

To download this freeware and learn more about it, head over to its Home Page. (UPDATE: It is not longer free but costs around USD 70 now.)

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  1. catman

    This makes twice in the last week where you say a program is free, so I download it and find out it isn’t free!

    It’s free to download the program, but to activate and use it you have to pay for it.

    Please get your act together and check these things out before telling everyone that they’re free when they aren’t!

  2. And which was the first one catman!?

    Information on TWC is being offered for free to all its readers, so if you think you cannot trust me, there is not much I can do if you stop reading my posts. If I have erred somewhere in any posts, I would expect to be told in a reasonable tone.

    Incidentally, I have tried the program and it is freeware! Not only do I have a mail from the company saying so, but I did download it, ran it and saved a project to my computer.

    Besides the built-in free scrapbook templates, there are extra scrapbook templates for this free scrapbook software, these you may be required to buy. And in any case, you can turn off this prompt by un-checking the option.

  3. Hi Catman,
    Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    As scrapbook fans known, in the scrapbook marketing, scrapbook software and template& elements sell separately. Few scrapbook software is free, not alone the templates.
    However, Wondershare Scrapbook Studio is free for the program. What’s more, it build in 9 sets of free scrapbook templates which include 32 scrapbook page and hundreds of elements. There is no limitation for the function, even though you don’t buy other templates. You can use these free templates, and edit background,paper, frame, stamp, decoration, and publish them in several ways: print to show, save as image to your PC, share on Facebook or Flickr, Email scrapbook to your friends.

  4. Ed Blakely

    Looking foward to giving this a go!



  6. Stephanie

    I have downloaded the program and I am being asked if I want to buy it or use the free trial How do I manage to use it without purchasing it ? I believe you but I need help with this

  7. It used to be a freeware earlier, but it does not appear to be free now.

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