Optimize, compress & reduce PDF File size in Windows

PDF file-format is an amazing format for saving documents. But emailing and sharing PDF files sometimes become a problem as some of the PDF files are very large in size. As a result, many of us look for ways to optimize, compress and reduce sizes of PDF files.

Reduce PDF File size

Today I will share with you a freeware called PDF Reducer, to reduce PDF file size and an online tool that does the same easily and quickly.

PDF Reducer

PDF Reducer is a free utility that lets you easily reduce the size of big PDF files. The results are accurate, and no content is lost. You can reduce the PDF document to an appropriate size so that the files become easy to share an email, and reduced PDF files always occupy less space on the disk. ORPALIS PDF Reducer is available in free and pro variants. In this article, we may only talk about the free version.


What this amazing utility does is that it downscales images, recompress images, discards unused objects and so on. All these compression and downscaling process result in the reduction of the file size. The results are amazing and unbelievable.

You can choose the image quality, and you can also choose, to what extent the images should be downscaled. The text can also be repaired, and there is an option to reduce the size of scanned PDF files. You can tell the software, whether the file is scanned or not.


Some unused content like bookmarks and embedded files can be removed using this software. Removal of such content reduces file size by a good percentage. Under the output format, you can choose the PDF file version. Anyhow version 1.5 is highly recommended for good quality and appropriate size.

This utility can also be used for batch size reducing, I mean you can reduce the size of multiple PDF files with same settings in a single go. After each batch, the logs are updated, and warning and errors (if any) are displayed. It is recommended to keep the source and destination folders different.

To test the software, I took an IRCTC ticket PDF file which sized around 270 KBs and when I reduced the size using PDF Reducer. It was reduced to almost half the size to 136 KBs. I was amazed at the results, and now I am going to reduce all my assignment PDF files that size around 3 MBs per file. You can get this freeware here.

Compress PDF file online

If you do not want to install any PDF size compression software, then you can reduce PDF files size using free online tools too.

reduce pdf file size

Head over to pdfaid.com, and you will be able to configure your settings and compress PDF files sizes for free.

Know of any other free software or online tool to compress PDF files? Do let us know in the comments section.

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