Protect Kids from Cyberbullying – Stop Cyberbullying

Stop cyber bullying! This brochure from Microsoft will give you, the parents guidance on how to protect kids from cyberbullying.

Protect Kids from Cyberbullying

Bullies are notorious for tormenting their victims face to face. But now cyberbullying–using the Internet for repeated unwanted or cruel behavior against someone–opens the door to 24-hour harassment.

A cyberbully may:

  • Send hurtful or threatening messages to a victim’s phone, harass a person in an online game, post embarrassing pictures on a social networking site like Facebook, or share a humiliating video online.
  • Disclose secrets or private information–for example, by forwarding a confidential email or text message.
  • Deliberately shut someone out of an online group–an instant messaging (IM) buddy list or social networking page, for example – Impersonate the victim and then post hateful comments or belittle the victim’s friends on a blog; Pretend to befriend someone, gain his or her trust, and then betray that trust, etc.

This brochure defines what cyberbullying is, how to help kids avoid it and what to do if your child is being cyberbullied.

Download page: Microsoft.

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