How to use Pictures as Bullets in Word

We list out things in Word using bullets. There are basic bullets available in Microsoft Word as numbers, symbols and more. We might be using numbers, dot symbols and regular symbols as bullets in Word. When you are preparing a project document or presenting any seminar, then it would be very impressive, if you use a ‘bulleted list’. You can customize or change the way we use bullets in Word to make the document look attractive and impress your boss or colleague. Have you ever thought of using pictures as bullets in Word? Here, I am not talking about the default pictures which Word provides.

Set pictures as bullets in Word

Suppose, you have o corporate logo or a good picture which suits the content of your document and you want to use that picture as bullets in Word? If so, then this article will let you know how to use pictures as bullets. Apart from the default pictures provided, we can even import pictures from our desktop and use them as bullets. We already know how to change the default numbered list in Word and now let us see how to create picture bullet list in Word.

Create Pictured Bullet List in Microsoft Word

To use pictures as bullets in Word, first select the content for which you want to change bullets. In “Home” tab click on the dropdown of the “Bullets” button under “Paragraph” Section.

bullets in word click bullets dropdown

It shows you the Recently Used Bullets, Bullet Library and the Bullets which were used in this document. You can use any one of them and that is what we do it normally. If you want to use picture as bullets, then click on “Define New Bullet”.

picture bullets in word define new bullet

It shows you the “Define New Bullet” dialog box. Under “Bullet Character” click on “Picture” button.

click picture in dialog box

Picture Bullet dialog box appears. By default it shows you some pictures and they can be used in Word. If you want to use picture from your desktop, then click on “Import” button.

click import in picture dialog box

From the dialog box, navigate to the location where you saved the image. Select the image and click on “Add”.

add the image to the bulleted list

You can see that the selected picture is added to the bulleted list. Select the image from the bullet list and click “Ok”. It shows you the preview of this picture as bullet and if you are OK with it, then click “OK”. Else, select one more image from your desktop and repeat the same steps.

select the image from the bulleted list

Now, you can see that the selected bullet list as pictures i.e; previous bullets were replaced with the pictures.

See pictures as bullets in Word

Not all pictures will work as bullets. Images should and be transparent with a good background so that they look very impressive in your Document.

Also read how to wrap Text around Pictures & Images in Microsoft Word.

Have you ever used pictures as bullets in Word? If so, please do share with us through comments.

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