Change default green color in Windows 7 Task Manager

Windows 7 Task Manager has under the Performance & Networking tabs, has graphical animations which are green in color.  But if your dont like green and would like to change it some other color, then this may interest you. Change […]

Quick Restore Maker

Quick Restore Maker: Create a System Restore Point in 1-click

Quick Restore Point Maker v4 is a smart 1-click freeware for creating a System Restore Point in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 & Windows Vista. Quick Restore Maker Normally, to create a system restore point, you have […]

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The Secret BEHIND the Windows 7 GodMode

Windows has a set of certain folders which are identified by unique strings referred to as CLSID or Windows Class Identifiers. These folders can be accessed by using the CLSID identifier codes that Windows assigns to each individual folder in […]

Preme for Windows 7 adds more desktop features

Preme for Windows 7 is a freeware application for Windows 7 that enhances  your Windows 7 desktop by adding more functionality & features to your corners & mouse. Preme for Windows 7 Features of Preme for Windows 7: – Touch […]

Giveaway: Get Internet Download Manager license FREE!

We are pleased to offer 20 licenses of the latest Internet Download Manager v 5.18, which its developers have been kind enough to provide us with, FREE to the readers of The Windows Club ! Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool […]

Windows 7 GodMode : Old wine in new bottle.

Suddenly we are hearing of this “God Mode” in Windows 7. We want to believe … believe in anything good about Windows 7. And Windows 7 has … gasp… a GodMode! I’m sorry to spoil the party but the so-called […]

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Troubleshooting Windows Anytime Upgrade in Windows 7

Windows Anytime Upgrade is a method provided in Windows 7 & Vista, for upgrading from one Windows edition to a higher edition. While the WAU procedure in Windows Vista involved a setup.exe, the process in Windows 7 is different, as […]

Switch off Monitor from the Windows taskbar with Dark

There may be times when you may want to quickly turn off your computer monitor. Dark is a small free open source app, that will allow you to turn off your laptop screen or desktop monitor from the Windows taskbar. Dark is […]

2010 : Google New Year Logos

Every year Google features a special logo for the New Year, on its home-page. Here is the Google New Years logo for the current year 2010.

2010 Windows Live Messenger Theme Gift packs from Microsoft

Put some art in your Messenger conversations ! Download & Enjoy these unique newly released Windows Live Messenger gift packs, named Moody Bob, Emotipuff, Carnival Squad & Bunny HaHa created by some very talented artists from around the world.

Change Low Battery Level Notifications In Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Windows warns you when your battery charge reaches low, reserve, and critical levels.  You can however, change  the low, reserve, critical battery level notifications in Windows 7 or Windows 8, through the Control Panel. Low, reserve, and critical levels in […]