Tools for Windows Live Photo Gallery to enhance User Experience

Windows Live Photo Gallery includes a lot of fantastic features and one need not learn complex image editing suites to play around with their images. There are some interesting and useful third party tools available for Windows Live Photo Gallery, that […]

Add No Reply All and No Forward buttons to Outlook ribbon

The good folks over at Microsoft Research have written a cool add-in for Microsoft Outlook called NoReplyAll that can prevent someone from replying to all or forwarding to all, on an email that originated from you. NoReplyAll Outlook Add-In The primary […]

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Microsoft decides to compare Office with

Microsoft has released a set of videos, comparing its Microsoft Office suite with, a freeware alternative to Microsoft Office. It has released a video, A Few Perspectives on, where several customers have shared their experiences with and […]

Making Math easy with Math Input Panel in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a lot of very useful tool to help you with your problems!  Math Input Panel is one of them. If you use your computer to solve math problems or to create documents or presentations that have typed […]

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Opera 11 will support Extensions

This was long due! Opera, one of the alternate browsers I use, apart from Mozilla, in spite of having several good features  wasn’t able to  live upto the increasing expectations, mainly because of the fact that there wasn’t any support […]

WikiQuote Screensaver for your Windows

If you like quotes you might want to check out the WikiQuote Screensaver. This screensaver that enables you to view thousands of quotes available at