Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office in the Windows Store for Windows 10 S

Microsoft has brought its full version of Office to the Windows Store with apps like Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access made available to coincide with the launch of their new Surface Laptops running on Windows 10 S. Though […]

Windows 10 Lock Screen grayed out or blacked out

The Windows 10 Enterprise build 1703, which the Creator’s Update version, is quite an improvement to the previous builds. It added many more features to the operating system. However, some users using this version have reported facing two major issues […]

Microsoft Modern Keyboard

Microsoft Modern Keyboard comes with a Fingerprint Sensor

Often, Microsoft unveils its newly manufactured products with great fanfare to make it a commercial success, but the launch of new Modern Keyboard marks a departure from this rule. The Modern Keyboard from Microsoft is the successor to the Surface […]

The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent

Fix: The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent error in Windows 10

One of the most critical errors of Windows, “The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent” error is a sign that your computer’s operating system has become corrupted. This error causes a host of annoying troubles like response time lags, crashes and freezing […]

Windows SmartScreen can’t be reached right now

Most cyber-attacks involve downloading an infected software on the system. The malware is disguised as a genuine application, and thus many internet users are deceived into downloading them. Microsoft is aware of this. Microsoft introduced a feature called Windows SmartScreen […]

digital identity guidelines

Importance of Digital Identity and New Guidelines

Digital Identity systems are a matter of great importance when it comes to define one’s self in the digital world, which is as real as the physical world and actually affects us in a very direct way. This is the […]

Desktop icons rearrange and move after reboot

Desktop icons rearrange and move after reboot in Windows 10

Several Windows users at some point or the other have experienced the problem of their Desktop icons rearranging or moving after reboot. If your Desktop icons rearrange or move after rebooting on Windows 10 PC, here are a few things you […]


Troubleshoot OneNote problems, errors & issues in Windows 10

Microsoft OneNote is an excellent software for gathering information and collaborating with multiple users. The software has been updated and gets better over time – but nothing is perfect at the end of the day, and there may be times […]

CyberGhost Immunizer

CyberGhost Immunizer will help prevent ransomware attacks

Cyberghost, the makers of the very effective CyberGhost VPN software have released a new tool called CyberGhost Petya Immunizer that promises to keep your Windows computer protected from Petya ransomware. CyberGhost Immunizer To immunize your Windows computer, what you need […]

An Unexpected Error is keeping you from renaming the folder

An Unexpected Error is keeping you from renaming the folder

Some Windows users may receive an error while trying to rename their folders –  An Unexpected Error is keeping you from renaming the folder. The full message that you may see is: An unexpected error is keeping you from renaming […]

Search Indexing was turned off

Search Indexing was turned off in Windows 10

One fine day, I saw this message Search Indexing was turned off when I opened my Windows 10 Start Menu. Now I had not turned it off, so why did I see this on my PC? Search Indexing was turned […]


Unhandled Exception Access Violation error in Windows 10/8/7

If when you receive an Unhandled Exception Access Violation error when you run an application on your Windows 10/8/7 computer, it probably means that some part of the program code tried to access a protected memory address and was denied […]