Manage Chrome extensions with One Click Extension Manager

If you have multiple extensions installed in Google Chrome browser, whose icons take up a considerable amount of space on the computer screen, then this simple trick will help you disable them in an instant. Google Chrome doesn’t support one click disable feature. Every time you want to disable a extension you manually need to navigate to settings. However, there exists a way to hide multiple extension icons in Google Chrome browser using One Click Extension Manager.

Extension icons

Manage Chrome extensions easily

Download One Click Extension Manager. It is a useful extension to disable extensions installed in google Chrome. Once installed, Chrome Extension Manager silently resides on the side adjacent to your address bar and assist you to disable the extensions at command. Earlier, the extension was known by the name ‘Disable all extensions’.

One Click Extension Manager

Should you feel the need to disable the extension, simply click the icon (switch-off icon as shown in the screenshot above). A tab will appear on your screen prompting you to disable all the extensions. Chose this option to disable all extensions tab. At any time you can also enable the extensions. After you chose the ‘Disable all extensions‘ option, it displays ‘Re-Enable all extensions‘ option (see the screenshot below). simply click it to undo the changes made earlier.

Disable all extensions

Apart from this, One Click Extensions Manager also provides individual remove (uninstall Chrome Extensions) or toggle option from the same menu.

Left-clicking on an extension enables or disables its active behavior, while right-clicking allows you to uninstall it from your web browser. It does ask you to confirm the uninstall action twice to prevent you from accidentally removing an extension.

One-Click Extensions Manager works on all stable versions of Google Chrome. You will find the extension pretty simple and easy to use. It’s available for free at the Chrome Web Store. Grab the recent version of the free Chrome Extension Manager from here!

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