MusicBee – A Powerful Music Manager & Player

Now a days a good Music Manager application is a must-have for computers. There are a lot of applications out there that offer many features. Today I stumbled upon this nifty little application called MusicBee It’s an all in one Music Manager and Player. MusicBee offers a lot of features – I used to use SongBird before,  but now MusicBee has replaced it.


MusicBee is rich with lot of features like the ability to import the library from iTunes and Windows Media Player. The interface is pretty simple. On the left side, you have a panel with Library, Playlist and Internet services as well.

One of the coolest feature is the Auto DJ or Party Mode which makes MusicBee a Music Jukebox. You can enable it from Menu > Control > Turn on Auto-DJ. MusicBee can search missing Album art and missing Album information from the Internet.


In the Now Playing windows you have the list of songs, and in the lower tab it displays the Album information, and also Search for Lyrics. It can also find the artist from Last.FM, find photos, find the artist information Wikipedia and find the YouTube videos, within the player itself, which is an awesome feature.


MusicBee has some cool skins and plugin as well. There are a few skins built into the player itself. You can find them under the Menu > View > Skins. The only thing that bothered me is the player has to restart every time we choose a new skin.

For more plugins you can visit here. MusicBee also has an Android application i.e. A Remote Control. But configuring it a bit complicated, as far as I could see. But I hope that in the later versions, they make the process of configuration much easier.


MusicBee can scrobble from Last.FM and support a couple of DSP Managers as well. It also supports theater mode. You also have basic functions like 10 band equalizer, shuffle mode and so on. You can also import Winamp DPS plugin, directly into MusicBee player as well.

In short, compared to a lot of music players, MusicBee is rich with features which we rarely find in free music players. It’s a must try for music lovers and you can download it from here.

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