ModernMix: Add features & run Windows 8 apps on desktop

You can now run multiple Windows 8 apps on the desktop of your Windows 8 Computer simultaneously. Veteran software developer Stardock has come up with new Windows 8 software “ModernMix” allowing users to run the Modern apps (Metro apps) on the desktop of their Windows 8 Computer. The utility helps users to run the Metro Apps in a traditional Windows pattern, pinned to the task bar. All the Windows 8 Apps runs as before, but ModernMix makes it easier.



I am using Windows 8 for around 6 months and quite habitual with the interface now, but yes, using the Metro Apps was still a bit uncomfortable. The Windows Metro apps run only in full screen and the worst part is that, there are no Minimize, Close or Restore buttons. I couldn’t even change the window size of any app. I can’t run more than one app at a time.

For example, I love listening music while I am working but with the tile interface of Windows 8 apps, every time I need to change the song, I have to go to the desktop, because the app covers the whole screen and I can’t view the task bar while using an app.

Although, I know some really simple keyboard shortcuts to switch between the programs, but I still used to miss the old Windows interface sometimes. ModernMix made it easier for me. With this latest software I can run the “Modern” apps in a window and see the task bar while using any app and easily switch to other app without any hassle.

Check these screenshots of my desktop, with and without ModernMix. Let me discuss the features of ModernMix in brief:

Run Modern apps on desktop Snap 2013-03-11 at 19.02.56

ModernMix enable me to run multiple Windows 8 apps in individual separate windows on my desktop, and the best part is that I can launch them direct from my desktop as well.

Change the size of Windows 8 appmodernmix change size

I can now change the size of Windows app anytime. The sizes I use once are set as default and the program launches it in the same size every time I launch them, until I change the size again.

Pin Modern apps to the taskbarmodernmix 2

With ModernMix, I can now pin the commonly used apps in the task bar to get the quick access later and trust me, it makes the interface much easier.

Add Close, Restore, Minimize buttons to Modern appsmodernmix 3

ModernMix brings the old familiar look of Windows. I now have the Close, Restore and Minimize buttons on every app.

I always admired the latest Windows 8 Operating System, and now with this latest utility of ModernMix I am loving it even more. I can pin the modern apps to my taskbar, I can run multiple apps in separate windows, I can easily switch between running apps, and I can also change the windows sizes anytime I want.

Unfortunately its not free, but costs $4.99. The utility is also available for a free 30 days trial version. Visit its home page to learn more and download it.

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