Microsoft Office 15 Leaked Screenshots – Fact or Fiction?

Yesterday the web was abuzz across every major website on the globe with leaked screen shots of the next version of Microsoft Office 2014 (v15), leaked from a Russian website. My first reaction was, nah, someone was really really bored and decided to play around in Photoshop and fool everyone.

Now I don’t want to come off as saying the screenshots are a lie but my questions is, what if? Today I decided to open my Photoshop and give everyone a taste of just how simple it is to fool the world. I began by taking a screen-shot of my Office 2010 Trial to match the screenshot (leaked) on the web. Then take this screenshot and fix it to mimic the (leaked image).

The following is my result in Photoshop and following that is a screenshot of the leaked image I had gotten. Click images for larger view; 5 more minutes I could have added the Transparent effect, but I wanted to show a clear image.

And now the (leaked) image:

Now we all know, everyone likes to be first when it comes to discovering new technology, and sure I would love to know if the (leaked) images that are surfacing are real or fake.

The problem I see with the whole thing is this, Microsoft Office 2010 (v14) has just been released and still hot on the shelves, just doesn’t seem plausible that images are already breaking loose of the next version.

Next, Office Lime seems to be what people are concentrating on. If you remember, when Office 2010 Beta was out this was included in the Beta and was named Lime Test Application (check leaked image tool tip), and was removed. Making a point, yet?

Remember the images leaked of Windows 8, at least they looked plausible and Windows 7 had been out for a good while before the leaks began. Just my take on it, I won’t say either way, but what if?

Image from July 2009 of Microsoft Office Technical Beta, clearly showing Microsoft Office Limestone (Lime) Test Application.

Source Links: Neowin | Wzor. Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Beta image source: Arstechnica.

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The author, Lee Whittington, loves to use his learned talents to write software as a hobby. He also also enjoys playing with Photoshop and is a serious Windows, Software, Gadgets & a Tech news buff. Lee has studied Visual Basic, C++ and Networking.
  • Tomas

    Thing is that those screenshots were probided by WZor site that has perfect reputation and never faked any screenshot (and there were a lot of leaked ones and confirmed later on their site).

  • Gregg DesElms

    Oy. Here we go again. Microsoft is sort of like the local crack dealer…

    …always keeping people wanting… what’s current is good, but something better is coming, so start your pangs of desire now so you don’t get too comfortable with what’s current.

    Ridicule all you want, but I’m still using Office 2003; and for the life of me, I can’t figure out either how to use all of its features, or how to use all the new ones in Office 2007, or how to use all of the even newer ones if Office 2010. Nor, trust me, will I be able to figure out how to use all of the not-yet-even-fully-developed ones in Office 2014…

    …though by the time it comes out, I may have finally upgraded to Office 2007 [grin].

    I’m not a luddite (or even a neo- one). I’ve been in IT for 33 yerars, and I work hard to keep up. Believe me, I know the issues and the differences. And armed with all that information, I stand by that Office 2003 is more than enough for almost anyone. So’s OpenOffice, for that matter.

    Anyway… I confess that reading things about Office 2014 is interesting. But I still feel like Microsoft is the local crack dealer.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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