Make Firefox load, start & run faster

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser but with the passage of time it slows down considerably. It may take a lot of time to load during start up and the overall speed could also be effected. This is a common problem and it occurs largely because of fragmentation of databases.

Make Firefox Faster

Many people say that their Firefox keeps slowing down on Windows. Yet other may say that their Firefox Freezes or Crashes. For Firefox users who are facing problems with their favorite browser, these freeware tools may help you speed up your Firefox.

Make Firefox Faster

SpeedyFox is a small utility that fixes this problem with a single click! Firefox uses SQLITE databases to store lots of its settings. By the time the databases grow and Firefox starts working slowly. SpeedyFox compacts those databases without loosing any data. Databases are optimized to operate faster and are decreased in size.

Firefox Preloader is another utility that is designed to load parts of Mozilla Firefox into memory before it is used, to improve the its start up time. Firefox Preloader will sit in the system tray from where you can exercise all the options.

However, several junk cleaners and optimizers today also offer the option to compact Firefox database.

Make Firefox up to 3 times faster without any 3rd party tools may also interest you!

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